DJ Laz Returns to Miami Radio on July 4 to DJ 106.7

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This is a Laz we love. 
If you were at the Heat parade earlier today, you might have seen a moving sign that asked the question on all of our minds: "Where the fuck is DJ Laz?" Sure, he's in L.A. these days, but well, he's also about to be back in South Florida. That's right, lil bros and hoes, you heard it here, or you saw it on Twitter a minute ago, DJ Laz is back next week broadcasting for the 305 and 954. 

Under a new syndication deal announced via press release, Laz will air both on the West Coast and in his old home in SoFla. According to hip-hop site Future of Florida, Laz wasn't allowed on the airwaves down here for three months thanks to a non-compete clause with Power 96, but the time is up, and Laz is back where he belongs, in the ears and hearts of South Floridians. In addition to his morning slot on LA 96.3, he'll be airing on "Miami's New #1 Party Station" DJ 106.7 starting this Independence Day. Sort of appropriate, no? The station will play both Spanish and English language music, with Laz, speaking in likely English or Spanglish.

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