Curren$y - Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale - June 13

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Ian Witlen


featuring Fiend, Cornerboy P, Young Roddy, Trademark, and Styles P

Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Better than: Eating Breakfast while listening to elevator music.

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"Jet life! Jet life! Jet Life!"

The crowd was feeling good enough to touch the ceiling as thin clouds of smoke drifted over their heads. A Waka Flocka Flame "Hard In The Paint" beat was in rotation, and fans arrived as late at 10 p.m. to only catch Curren$y, the Hot Spitta himself. The rapper snuck on stage, throwing up the Jet Life sign with his thumb and pinky as he performed his rendition of the track.

As if to save their best for Curren$y, the cloud of smoke became thicker. Not wanting to feel left out, the rapper was given a joint by a fan, one of many, and took a hit while offering an expression of rejuvenation from it.

"I call my brother Sun cause he shine like noon time," Curren$y rapped as he began to perform "Full Metal" off Covert Coup. Shortly after, Curren$y took time out to let the audience know he wasn't on stage in person, but as a hologram. Odds are a couple fans may have believed that for a second.

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Ian Witlen

With just a few songs into his set, Curren$y brought out fellow Jet Life member Fiend to ask, "This that O.G. shit, you smell that?" as they performed "O.G. (The Jam)." But it was Fiend who chose to go a cappella on his verse. And yes, we did smell that shit.

As soon as Fiend exited, veteran Styles P came out to share the stage and the two performed "Lean" off their joint #The1st28 mixtape.

After a few more songs, Curren$y reintroduced Young Roddy and Trademark. From the jump, he performed "Roasted" and "Hold On" with Trademark doing his verse a cappella, assisted by the audience as they recited the last two words of each line.

"I know y'all want to hear this," said Curren$y as he stepped aside and gave the spotlight to Young Roddy. And as soon as the beat for "10 Crack Commandments" hit, the audience knew what they were in for as Roddy performed his version for the Notorious B.I.G. classic, with a twist.

Currensy (Revolution 6_13_2012) by Ian Witlen -71.jpg
Ian Witlen

After a verse from "She Don't Want A Man," Curren$y jumped into the Pilot Talk 2 hit "Michael Knight." And as soon as the beat dropped, the audience raised their hands and wiggled their fingers up and down as they made the iconic beeping sound of David Hassleoff's Trans-Am, KITT.

Rounding out the night, Curren$y left the fan favorite for last, "Breakfast," performing the last minute a cappella. Appropriate for an audience who, in all likelihood, was seeking midnight after-show munchies.

Critic's Notebook

Wish list: "Scott Pippen" and "Reagan Era"

Personal bias: No complaints over here.

Overheard in the crowd: "Kelvin and Josh got here at 5:30 p.m."

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