Brown Bag Wednesdays at Green Room Win Best One Nighter, "Debo" Even Supports This Decision

Ian Witlen

Check out the full slideshow from Break N' Bred here.

Getting a hip-hop scene moving is no easy task, especially in a place that lacks a centralized urban center, like the tri-county area. But those at Green Room took it upon themselves to bring the people together in hip-hop harmony by hosting Brown Bag Wednesdays. It has been a great success. Let us say, this is truly the best weekly night from WPB to Kendall. These guys bring down up-and-coming acts, artists who are reentering the spotlight, and they allow local rappers the opportunity to showcase their talents.

There's nothing more important to music than the culture that supports it and creates it, and so events like b-boy battles Break N' Bred also help strengthen the movement and draw people in. Whatever they're doing down there on Wednesday nights, we like it, and a lot. Brown Bag Wednesdays are worth supporting. Now, check out this video from a sort-of-version of Debo, the scariest dude in Friday, endorsing the night.

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