Nicki Minaj of Prog: The Many Faces of Peter Gabriel's Genesis Years

5. Magog
Magog was a biblical character from the Book of Genesis and "Supper's Ready," a song composed of seven sections, inspired by a creepy hallucinatory night Gabriel had with his future wife. When he wrote the lyrics, Gabriel said he was thinking "about good and evil and forces working against each other."

4. The Flower
During the very long, 25-minute "Supper's Ready," the song turns toward "Willow Farm," an alternate reality where things move so fast, everything changes on second glance. "Supper's Ready" was the band's lengthiest song ever and a highlight at live shows. Below, you can watch the entire thing unfold. 

During this 1972 clip, Gabriel tells one of his surreal tales as an introduction:

Peter Gabriel_Britannia.jpg

3. Britannia
Gabriel began decking himself out as Britannia during the tour for the band's 1973 album, Selling England by the Pound. He wore the outfit during "Dancing With the Moonlit Knight," a song critical of social situations in their homeland, showing a rare social concern for Genesis. 

Here he is introducing the character before the band takes off on a dynamic six-minute journey:


2. Rael
It was back to more surreal and existential territory for 1974's the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, a mythic journey of self-actualization for a Puerto Rican New York City street punk named Rael. 

Here is part of one of the themes, "Back in NYC," pyrotechnics and all:


1. The Slipperman
During Rael's travails, he contracts an STD following an orgy with three half-snake women called the lamia. It turns him into a lumpy, bumpy slipperman. The only cure? Castration. Not much complete footage exists of these Genesis shows. 

Here's a pretty comprehensively compiled "performance" of "The Colony of Slippermen":

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References: The British Invasion by Nicholas Schaffner
Genesis I Know What I Like by Armando Gallo

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The Musical Box was great at Hard Rock last night!

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