Helado Negro Has Two New Videos and an Upcoming Album With Collaborative Project ROM

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Just this February, Broward native Roberto Lange, A.K.A. Helado Negro, dropped the first in an "infinite series" of concept EPs Island Universe Storyreleased on Asthmatic Kitty. Just months later, he's posted two videos for songs off of the first EP. We, of course, have them here for your viewing pleasure. 

But it doesn't stop there: Not only is Lange working on his infinite series -- which has gotta be a lot of work -- but he's also working with fellow Florida musician Matt Crum on their project ROM. "Matt and I have been doing ROM since 2000," Lange says, "It's been one of the longest musical relationships I've had, but our output has been small because of our long distance band [Lange lives in Brooklyn], and just the detail oriented work we do with the our music."

He admits humbly, "Matt makes me sound good." Both have worked together on other endeavors like Comic Wow with Tortoise's John McEntire and Savath and Savalas with Prefuse 73's Guillermo Scott Herren. They've provided some free music here for your listening and downloading pleasure. "Whale Vomit" is noisy, jazzy, funky, and just about all of the other things instrumental music can possibly take shape as. As ROM, they're releasing an album May 28, Foot Signal, in both CD and vinyl formats on Plngi Pung Records. Enjoy the tunes and visuals after the jump. 
ROM "Whale Vomit"


Helado Negro "Pressed"

Helado Negro "Octubre 22" 

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