SunFest Lineup Announced for 2012: Includes Pitbull, Girl Talk, Snoop Dogg, and The Fray

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The moment South Florida has been waiting for has arrived. SunFest announced its 2012 lineup, and it's not too shabby. 

Though Counting Crows is the first name listed, we're pretty sure they're not the headliner. Though Adam Duritz was a big cutie in the '90s, these guys should probably be somewhere lower down by Third Eye Blind. 

Names that do stand out to the local eye are South Florida's own suit-wearing Pitbull and young dude singer Cris Cab. Tallahassee Jesus rockers Creed will be playing with arms wide open. Hopefully, Snoop Dogg arrives stoned and melodic and Wiz Khalifa will get you all black and yellow, you know, what ever that means. 

Girl Talk and Passion Pit will make the kiddies dance. For those with a great big soft side, there's the Fray's piano rock. Reggae and ska fans will enjoy Matisyahu and the Bostones. Golden oldies or middle-agers, rather, will be excited about badass babe Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, former Bad Company's Paul Rodgers and Foreigner, who everyone sings along with in the car. Click over for the full lineup. 
Here it is!

Counting Crows 


The Fray 
Snoop Dogg 
Wiz Khalifa 
Passion Pit 

Paul Rodgers 
Third Eye Blind 
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones 
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts 
Girl Talk 
Michael Franti & Spearhead 
Herbie Hancock 
Coheed & Cambria 

All American Rejects 
The Marshall Tucker Band 
The Outlaws 
Fab Four
A Rocket To The Moon 
Cris Cab 
Connor Christian & Southern Gothic Cypress 
Eve to Adam 

Grahams Number 

Jessie Baylin 
LP Mean Creek 

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds 
The Deep Dark Woods 
A Brilliant Lie 
Common Ground 

Odyssey Road 

Oval Red 
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek Shootout Winner 
Ratham Stone 
Remove Before Flight

Sound Express 

Stop The Presses 
Taylor Road 
Urban Gypsy

We Are One

Young Man Pit

Visit for more information on attending. The event takes place May 2 to 6. 

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I agree. Pitbull sucks. What makes it WORSE is his "album" cover, or his "thumbnail" It's a pic of him in a suit. That's REAL original, dude.... Just goes to show HOW lame our youth really by supporting this lame-o's music and buying into his crap.

Might as well have throw kid rock in the mix. Then you would have have all 4 corners covered with LAME, unoriginal tallent.


Well, I WAS going to go to this, But if PITBULL is going to be there, than screw it. I cannot STAND that guy or his lame ass music. Who would EVER Line that idiot up with REAL musical tallent? It's not even CLOSE to the same genre as what's being played.

I am getting sick of these "festivals" that include all genres as if it's "cool" to the general public. I'll wait for the warped tour, thank you.

Chris R
Chris R

Not too bad of a line-up. I'm guessing that Counting Crows is listed first because they are night 1's headliner. It's actually kind of refreshing to see how different this years lineup is compared to last. 

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