Gratuitous Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young Moment of the Day: "Sexy and I Know It"

Maybe you know this already, maybe you just don't care, but we at County Grind are kind of obsessed with Bruce Springsteen. It's almost as if Salt-N-Pepa wrote "Whatta Man" for him and him alone. We also are sort of in love with Neil Young. So, when we saw that the Boss and Jimmy Fallon (in the guise of a surprisingly delightful Young) beat the shit out of "Sexy and I Know It" on the host's three-year anniversary Late Night show, we had to share. 

As not fans of LMFAO, we have to say, when they perform this song, they are singing lies. Lies, we tell you. When the Boss does it, the words become the God's honest truth. Springsteen, sing those lame lyrics, if only because then we can hear the word sexy leave your mouth. 

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