"Rick Santorum or Megadeth's Dave Mustaine?" Quiz Is Genius

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​You probably read recently, maybe even here on County Grind, that Megadeth's Dave Mustaine has a hankering for some Rick Santorum. We were kind of grossed out by the whole affair, but after some tossing, turning, and musing, we let the sitch lie. 

However, someone brilliant over at Mother Jones kept the Mustaine-Santorum love affair on his mind and brought it to the next level. He created a quiz in which you, the reader, have to determine whether the quote provided was made by Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum or metal man Dave Mustaine. 

The link between these two seemingly very different men is not automatically obvious. But both are obsessed with Satan, homosexuality, darkness and light religious themes, and neither are big Obama fans. 

We didn't do spectacularly well on this guy, but you just might. Be prepared to be amazed.

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