MP3: Crime Mob ft. Lil Scrappy - "Knuck If You Buck" (Sea Things Remix)

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​It would be nice to just leave this right here for you with no explanation, but since releasing the Jaws EP, Sea Things has been working on all things non-Sea Things. 

There was the Main Attrakionz track he produced with a member of the group, Squadda B. Then, in a meta-reaction, there were the two Squadda B tracks he produced himself ("Serve the Dealer" + "Different Color Gold").

So this remix, which came before all of that, is a buried treasure of sorts. But it's one that fits perfectly with his new career as part-time producer. 

In true Sea Things fashion, it is a haphazard, gem-studded walk through "Knuck if You Buck" that turns the straightforward anthem into something a little more erratic. 

See for yourself:

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