Chris Brown and Rihanna, Together Again?

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​As the
 story goes, Chris Brown attacked Rihanna in 2009 after she threw the keys to his Lamborghini during a scuffle. The pictures showed a beat-up pop singer, leaving Brown still on probation for his transgressions, three years later. 

Rihanna has since made very questionable creative decisions. The video for the song "S&M," for instance. We support her decision to explore alternative sexual lifestyles and being freaky definitely doesn't mean domestic abuse turns you on, but again and again, Rihanna seems to make really odd choices, mixing violence with romance. Again with Eminem in "Love the Way You Lie," she sings, "Well, that's alright, because I like the way it hurts." And the Jamaicans are pissed at her over the "Man Down" video in which she's getting roughed up, and giving Caribbeans, many think, a bad rap.

There were rumors on the web about a Brown-Rihanna reunion, and he recently even attended her birthday party. But no one expected the bomb that dropped today. Brown will appear on Rihanna's upcoming track "Birthday Cake (Remix)." 

Sure Brown brings the party, but doesn't he also bring the beatings? This whole ordeal fascinates us. Do we love Brown or hate him? Who cares. What matters is, does Rihanna? 

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I don't believe the lyrics of "Love the Way You Lie" are meant literally. She and rapper Eminem are describing a relationship in which havoc wreaks, the couple breaks up, and then gets back together again. These types of relationships are plentiful. The chorus Rihanna sings represent how many women act--you burn me with your words and actions, but I must like the way the way it hurts because I'm still here.

shanai xx
shanai xx

OMG whats so bad man down the video!!!?????


There is SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE between Domestic Violence, over which you have absolutely NO CONTROL...and liking it a little rough in the bedroom, which you do in the comfort and safety of your bedroom with a partner you trust. I get where you're coming from with this, but wow. 

Liz Tracy
Liz Tracy

I said that: "being freaky doesn't mean domestic abuse turns you on." I'm just pointing out that again and again, she repeats these themes in her work which involve men beating her up, for pleasure and against her will. It's strange. 

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