Five Under $10 For the Weekend of February 24 - 26

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Aaron Storck guests at a free fest in Boca.
Friday, February 24

*Yay for original art and music in Boca! The Edition1 Art and Music Showcase at the Black Rose Irish Pub gives cool younger folk something to do there, with live art, DJs, and performances by local bands Stonecutters, Makeshift Wings, and Buffalo Tux (interesting names), as well as musical guests Aaron Storck and Richard King. More fun: Not only is this free, but Svedka vodka will be slinging free shots. Click here.

*Local rockabilly king Slip is usually seen around town leading his own band, the Spinouts. But this time around, he takes They take the stage at Mai-Kai's Molokai Bar backed by the Living Deads, a like-minded rhythm section from Denver. Admission is free. Click here. (UPDATE: the Living Deads will play later tonight at the Poorhouse.)

Saturday, February 25

*Purehoney's print magazine (whoa!) celebrates its sixth anniversary at Propaganda with familiar names, John Ralston and the Dewars among them. The proceeds from the evening also go to the Palm Beach County nonprofit Inspirit, which takes live music to places like nursing homes and shelters. Admission is by a $5 minimum donation. Click here.

*The Speakeasy Lounge hosts the monthly Catch Da Vapors, featuring true hip-hop, soul, and all that other good stuff. Performers include Shawn Wayne, the Benchwarmers, Saheed, and more. Admission is $5 and this party is age 18 and up. Click here.

Sunday, February 26

*At ActivistArtistA, an event dubbed KeroWACKed is a "multimedia marathon" tribute to Jack Kerouac. A long list of musicians, from assorted jazz player to Mike Mineo to the Loxahatchee SInners Union, is slated for the evening. Admission is free. Click here.

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Thanks for the plug. Always grateful. Just want to make a correction. Spinouts play the Mai Kai not the Deads, they play later tonight at the poorhouse. Spinouts also play Waxys on Saturday night. (Same people just different names. Yes it's confusing. )

Arielle Castillo
Arielle Castillo

Our mistake! Thanks for pointing that out. It's been fixed in the entry above. 

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