Scott Stapp Wants to Sell You His Studio Gear

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Creed frontman and Boca resident Scott Stapp has decided to do a massive amount of purging for 2012 and is liquidating a ridiculous collection of studio gear. (This comes not long after his "White Christmas" showing in Delray Beach.) Owning a piece of equipment that has been at least near, if not touched by, Stapp has never been easier!

Buys begin on the low end with stuff like a $75 Boss Flanger pedal -- great for "dynamic jet-plane effects" -- and run all the way up to the $27,500 racked modules and a vintage Helios 28x16 Studio Console pictured above, which we'd assume is for serious inquiries only.

In a tweet Tuesday morning, Stapp pointed his followers to the trove of 73 items that could easily fill a professional studio or two and got some use during the recording of the band's fifth album.

Our favorite entry of the bunch:

Need rude riffing power? Get clicking, people.

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