Bleubird's "Pimp Hand" Video Slaps You Back to the 1970s

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In November, local hip hop wordsmith Bleubird announced his Kickstarter project to fund the music video for "Pimp Hand" -- an ironically titled single about heartbreak off his new album, Cannonball!!!. After successfully reaching the $3000 goal, New Times was invited along for a wardrobe shopping adventure and given a behind the scenes look at the video shoot.

Playing off the song's title and drawing inspiration from 1970's blaxploitation films, the storyline follows Bleubird around town as a gaudy suit wearing, flashy car driving, black eye giving pimp. Shot on a vintage Canon 1014 xl-s camera using only Super 8 film, the music video captures the true essence of that raw '70s aesthetic. We'd tell you more about the video, but we don't want to ruin it. 

Spoiler alert: Pay close attention, you may recognize a few local music personalities such as Carly Garrett (Astrea Corporation), Ashley Reda (The Goddamn Hustle), and DJ Sensitive Side, a regular contributor to the County Grind. 

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