Local MP3: Nick Eberhardt Returns With "Gimmie Love"

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Singer/songwriter Nick Eberhardt is one of those talented local musicians who make us scratch our head and wonder, why isn't anyone handing this guy a big-time, multimillion-dollar recording contract? Seriously, he has the sparkling, intimate chops of a Pete Yorn, the dapper looks of a Jeff Buckley, and the guitar skills to legitimize everything. (In fact, he learned his ax-playing skills directly from finger-picking champion Tim Sparks.)

Eberhardt's dazzlingly intimate 2011 solo debut, Can You Feel It, pretty much cornered the market on local, life-affirming acoustic folk rock.

Eberhardt's newest single, "Gimmie Love," follows the same simple formula that worked so well for him on Can You Feel It. It's understated, heartfelt earnestness done up DIY style on his home microphone and Garage Band.

He tells us that this earthy autumnal track speaks about growing up and realizing that "learning from your mistakes is no longer a valid excuse to live by." No worries, Nick. You are damned near perfect on this breezy, reflective number, hopefully a sign of good things to come from the Ryan Adams-influenced singer in 2012. Sample his work below.
  Nick Eberhardt "Gimme Love" by Cheerstothis

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