Nerds Nerd-Out Together at Retro Arcade Night (Photos)

The next level seems forever

​These days, most gamer socializing happens through headsets and an internet connection. Back in the day, though, there were spots called arcades where peeps would hang out together, in the real world, and play videogames. 

Lately, there has been a resurgence of interest in the old, pixelated classics. South Florida got on that bandwagon with the newish monthly event that caters to the strained-eyed enthusiasts. 

Friday night, Steve Kleisath, of Further Seems Forever fame, cohosted the third Retro Arcade Night at Arcade Game Sales in Fort Lauderdale. 

For this gathering of gamers, the shop, which typically repairs and sells machines, takes on an arcade-like form. Players pay just ten bucks at the door and have unlimited access to the treasury of retro arcade games, from Ms. Pac-Man to Dig Dug, as well as pinball machines, foosball, and more. 

January's game night was a huge success with folks of all ages swept up in the captivating magic of the electronics and one another's company.

County Grind was on the scene to interrupt potential record-breaking plays for the sake of getting some silly questions answered. 

Retro 1.jpg
Steve: "Arcades were awesome. Great places to socialize and meet people. Meeting girls? Not so sure."
Retro 2.jpg
County Grind: Why are you shooting those people, man? Andre: [shrugs] "'Cause the game tells me to?"
County Grind: Where did you get those moves? DDR Man: "The South End... the South End of Florida, yo!"
Retro 4.jpg
County Grind: You're not bombing Iran over there, are you? Brett: "I wish."
Retro 5.jpg
County Grind: Is this game suitable for vegetarians? Joe: "It depends on what you think."

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