Music and Fashion Made Some Ugly Babies Last Week (Attn. Rihanna, Amy Winehouse, and Mickey Mouse)

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​Last week was a kooky time for music and fashion. These two creative arenas are always linked in both ugly and sometimes pretty ways. Musicians think that can design, and since they're rich, they often do. Luckily, fewer designers think they can sing. Although, Tommy Hilfiger singing "You're All I Need to Get By" alongside Mary J. would be quite the treat of the century. 

The following is a list outlining some of the ugliness and neatness of decisions made by fashionistas and musicians this past week. 
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It's not nice to call people stupid. So, instead of referring to Rihanna as such, we'll just say her new tattoo is stupid. Since when is Riri a thug? This tribute to Tupac seems more of a slap in the face to real G's than her embracing a whole lifestyle. When Tupac did it, it was hot, but this, this is stupid. 

This is an ugly jacket. Please, don't pretend otherwise. It's ugly. Oh, and there's more to this questionable line of attireJapanese brand TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist and magazine Spade joined bad fashion forces to place images of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love on white clothing items. Everyone loves Kurt; nobody loves Courtney. This line is one of those things people will have to refer to as "big in Japan." 

Did you, or did you not, see that Jean-Paul Gaultier created a collection in honor of Amy Winehouse's style? Even though Winehouse replicated looks of past eras and it's creepy, since she's seriously not been gone that long, the line is fab-u-lous. Gaultier is back (to black -- sorry, had to do it!). 

So, yeah. Everyone, and we mean everyone started wearing the cover of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures plastered to their chests last year. It was getting to be a bit much, but then Disney got on the bandwagon and created this. It's kind of funny. If you bought one, you're in luck, because they pulled it from the shelves. Guess Disney lost control...

RR Auction

Last week, this jacket was pulled from auction because it was a fake. Apparently, it was being bid on under the untruth that it was Marky Ramone's leather jacket. Interesting fact: Marky Ramone is also apparently selling his own brand of spaghetti sauce in Italy. It was from there that he called to say this wasn't his and never was. How embarrassing. The New York Times reported this little gem from the former drummer: "If there is a lesson to be learned about the band, it's appreciate people while they are still alive," he wrote. "Go kiss someone you love." 

Amen to that. Not sure how it's relevant, but it's nice. 

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