Elton John Versus Cee Lo Green: Who Is More Glorious?

Elton tripping the croc fantastic.
Besides being one of the best-selling artists of all time, Elton John also boasts the distinction of always being on the radio. Don't believe us? Scan real quick through your FM dial; he'll either be on Big 106 singing "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" or on the Coast doing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" or "Still Standing" on Y-100.

Sir Elton isn't the only man who owns the airwaves. Cee Lo Green, another fancy man with a sexy throat, is catching up to him. These boys have a lot in common: sexy threads, wild stage shows, and appetites for love, The Muppets and scoring hit songs with vulgar titles. In anticipation of John's upcoming Billy Joel-free concert at BankAtlantic Center on Friday, March 9, join us as we compare the glamour showboats.

Category One: What's in a Name?

Sir Elton was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight -- not bad, sounds classy and dignified. Cee Lo was born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway. That is a fancy-pants name; it sounds like a casino in the Caribbean where jazz is king.

Cee Lo wins this round. 3 points!

Category Two: Made in the Shade


Cee Lo is kind of famous for his sunglasses, but Elton has millions of pairs that are hundreds of degrees hotter.

Elton wins this round. 5 points! Perfect score!

Category Three: Parental Advisory -- Hit Record!

"Fuck You" by Cee Lo was number two in the States and number one in the U.K., while Elton's "The Bitch Is Back" came in at four in the U.S. and 15 in his home-field. Sorry, Elton; Cee Lo's song was a bigger hit, with a dirtier word.

Cee Lo wins! 5 points!

Category Four: The Clothes Make the Man

elton-john-donald-duck copy.jpg

Donald Duck may not be able to beat up a Spartan warrior in a wrestling match. But everyone knows this disco duck has the hottest moves on the dance floor.

Elton wins 4 points!

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BB&T Center

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busty blonde bikini
busty blonde bikini

I'd go with cee lo since he's strait and is in to busty blonde chicks and better off in a bikini. Why do you think he sits next to Christina Aguilera?!The hottest chick ever!

Michael A Brito
Michael A Brito

Duh... Sir Elton of course....geeezzzz he started it! With that said Cee Lo is a classy dude and knows what it takes to be a great performer!


You have to admit the duck outfit was a bit overkill lol.www.Total-Privacy dot US


Next cagematch: Elton John v. Phil CollinsorInsane Clown Posse vs. Arsenio Hall's Posse vs. Sir Mixalot's Posse on Broadway

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