Eddie Vedder: Five Best Reasons to See This Pearl Jammer at Broward Center

Yeah, like you didn't have a crush on Eddie Vedder in eighth grade. It may not be "super cool" to still drool over Pearl Jam's tunes, but just about all of us have had an Eddie Vedder stage.

No one could resist the tortured crooning of the lead singer of the second-most-famous grunge band. "Jeremy" was a tearjerker, "Black" was everyone's breakup anthem in the '90s, and "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town" is a radical name. Maybe we didn't get far past Ten as far as Pearl Jam was concerned, but Eddie Vedder is still a gem.

He's coming to town this May. Instead of writing a creepy love letter to Vedder, we put together a list of the five best reasons to see the man as a solo artist with his newest release, Ukelele Songs.

Cameo on Portlandia
If you haven't seen Eddie Vedder in Portlandia as both a tambourine-swinging, kissy-face tattoo and as a fantasy date, please watch it right now. Not only does Vedder know how to make fun of himself; he's also funny and still cute.

Jazz Fest 2012 with Bruce Springsteen
Eddie Vedder and his ukelele were just added to the 2012 Jazz Fest lineup with the Boss. How fancy and neat is that? It warrants a day drive northwest to New Orleans just to catch a longer version of that video up there.

Cool Friends
Vedder is like super pals with some pretty awesome people. There's Kelly Slater the surfer. The singer wrote the foreword to the new Pete Townshend book; they were buds. He was also present at Johnny Ramone's deathbed. That is all neat.

Party Pal
Max Calavera, formerly the singer of Brazilian metal band Sepultura, claims to have puked on him once. The story goes that Vedder was a good guy about it, which is pretty neat. He's a rock star; sure he's probably puked on people, but who likes getting dirty that way? No one. Yet he was still a party champ. Nicely done, Vedder. 

Grunge Is Always Great
Maybe for a bit, it was dorky to like grunge, but this rock subgenre is truly nothing to poo-poo. All of that '90s angst, the flannel, the Temple of the Dog; it's classic. Vedder even made a cameo as the Citizen Dick drummer in the movie Singles (which has this writer's favorite soundtrack). Love it 'cause you should. 

Eddie Vedder. Sunday, May 13, at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, 201 SW Fifth Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets go on sale February 3 at 10 a.m. Visit browardcenter.org, or call 954-462-0222.

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Vedder's an arrogant no talent puke...he wrote a mean song about Steve Jobs once who did nothing to him. The only thing he's apparently good at is sucking up to artists with actual talent.


22 years later, I'm STILL crushing hard on Eddie.  Long-haired Eddie, anyway. I dig a man who looks and roars like a lion.


6th grade, for me. :)

I am DEFINITELY going to this one!


I like the authors video choice to Pete and Eddie on Letterman. I have that song in my rotation at the moment. Such a great performance for a TV, one song thing. But I have to agree with Chris R. Pearl Jam was never about the 'grunge'. There is a great clip of an interview that they gave in the early nineties about 'grunge' in which they express their dislike and explains that it is something the media created. Their music will stand the test of time with other stellar rock n roll music from truly exceptional bands. The band's sound continues to improve and evolve. "Ten" is actually kind of laughable in comparison with Pearl Jam's more modern works. They didn't REALLY gel until they released "Yield" in the late nineties. Since then they have been in a category of their own. Pearl Jam has been creating exceptional, poetic, meaningful music that cannot really be classified into any one genre for over 20 years now, To still call their life's work 'grunge' because they broke out at the same as a 'fad' is an iniquity.

Liz Tracy
Liz Tracy

Sorry, I'm stuck in the past. Ten is what I like. About the grunge, he was in Singles. Doesn't get more grungy that that. 

Chris R
Chris R

Pearl Jam was never 'grunge,' they actually had more in common with classic rock. And VS and Yield are much better albums than Ten, Ten was sort of an introduction to them. The vocals, the guitar sounds, they actually got closer to punk on VS and Vitalogy than 'grunge.' Real grunge is stuff like Tad, Mudhoney, and Dinosaur Jr. As for this acoustic show...it's going to sell out in two minutes and people will be a bit disappointed when Ed maybe plays only one or two PJ tracks...

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