County Grind Live Music at Green Room January 14: Visual Artists Announced

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Monica McGivern takes cool pictures like this one of This Heart Electric all the time. Imagine what she can do when curating a show of artists.
People, we're just over a week away from the very first County Grind Live Music event at Green Room featuring the infectious synth-pop mirth of Afrobeta. The Saturday, January 14, event also includes live music from some other fine locals: Sumsun, This Heart Electric, Dino Felipe, Boxwood, Möthersky, and Astrea Corporation. Radio-Active Records will provide DJ support in between bands all night long.

If the news hasn't already made it to you, this show will be my very last night in South Florida before I move up to Minneapolis to begin my gig January 18 as music editor at City Pages. I would love to see you all to say goodbye.

One aspect of this event not yet explored is the art going on display, and wow did we luck out for this. Trusted New Times photographer Monica McGivern took charge of enlisting a bunch of the finest local shooters and visual artists, and she landed a truly badass crew.

"We've got representation from the colorful mix of Miamians to the northern underground Snooze-y sounds of Palm Beach County," McGivern tells us. "I'm honored to show, via my photography, what the South Florida music scene is all about; a vast palette of visual flavor and musical blends. Each event that I cover, I hold back a couple of my favorite images for use in 'something special.' This night is that something special."

Here's our murderer's row of artists:

Ian Witlen, Concert Photography
Monica McGivern, Concert Photography
Christina Mendenhall, Concert Photography
Chris Hill, Street Photography
Sean Murdock, Photography/Mixed Media
Chuck Loose/Iron Forge Press, Screen Printing
Kyle Hess, Painting/Mixed Media  

Visuals will be provided by Bleeding Palm's Ronnie Rivera, who will showcase '60s psychedelia projections downstairs. Upstairs, he's going to do more of the spasmatic stuff like his animated .gifs and possibly a third projector upstairs with just concert photography.

And, as previously reported: In addition to the musical portion, the evening will feature a two-hour feeding and drinking frenzy featuring selections from the Green Room's kitchen and beer samples from Fresh Beer between 8 and 10 p.m.

Do not miss this.

County Grind Live Music, hosted by New Times Broward-Palm Beach and Gallery Saturdays. 8 p.m. Saturday, January 14, at Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $5; 21 and up. Click here.

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Monica McGivern
Monica McGivern

I don't know if she's the Bleeding or the Palm, but Christina Felisgrau is 50% of the effort. Just wanted to mention her contributions to the night's projections by 

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