Art Nouveau Brought Good Fortune for the Chinese New Year to Respectable Street

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New Year 2012-712.jpg
Monica McGivern
Bodypainting by award-winning artist Georgette Pressler brings a whole new dimension to "live art."
Within minutes of walking into Respectable Street last night, a red envelope was placed in our hands with no explanation. The mysterious exchange became less so when we recognized the bestower of the traditional Chinese good-luck gift as none other than Art Nouveau creator and curator of events Teresa Korber

In our experience covering Art Nouveau's numerous shows, we've found them to be well-attended, whimsical, and filled with local artists who are working the grind. Most of them have day jobs while they make an honest attempt at living the artist's dream. After all, creating money is still creating. Creating money from what you love could be defined as success.

New Year 2012-20.jpg
Monica McGivern
In true Art Nouveau event fashion, no themed detail was overlooked. Revealed in the envelope was a shiny, gold coin, representing our drink ticket.
Last night's event was no different from the others we've attended. The focus on good fortune for artists and attendees was expressed via the Chinese New Year theme.

New Year 2012-2.jpg
Monica McGivern
Outside courtyard view at Respectable Street.
New Year 2012-21.jpg
Monica McGivern
Attendees got to choose how they'd like to begin their Chinese New Year.
As we were on our way to the bar to turn our gold coin into a literal shot of prosperity, we noticed an elaborately costumed live geisha doll about to begin a fan dance onstage. Our liquid affluence would have to wait.

New Year 2012-11.jpg
Monica McGivern
The live fan dance by Melissa Brouard was just one of the themed performances of the evening.
Artist awards were given out by Korber and co-producer/photographer Angie Tronick. These were the standouts:

Best Overall Artist: J.R. Linton
Best Returning Artist: Erika Taguchi
Best Representation of the Theme: Jessie Prugh and Jennifer Love Gironda, both of Tipsy Art.
Best New Artist: Brittney Pack 

Critic's Notebook
Personal bias: We were disappointed that a dragon didn't make it to the dance floor. This may or may not be due to this particular reviewer's secret dream of being invited to perform on an illuminating Chinese dragon team. Seriously, it's a thing.

A Shot in the Dark: Anyone interested in forming an illuminating Chinese dragon team? Respectable Street's strobe lights would be killer to practice in.

New Year 2012-63.jpg
Monica McGivern
We'd like to nominate this guy for best use of a New Times issue during a rainstorm.

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Reed Fischer
Reed Fischer

"Our liquid affluence would have to wait." Indeed.

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