Andrew W.K.'s Ten Most Party Moments to Prep for I Get Wet Show at Revolution

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When Andrew W.K. last visited Fort Lauderdale, it was as ringmaster of the Dos Equis' Most Interesting Show in the World. His abbreviated set left us wanting more party. By our official count, the Party Captain played only five songs. We were happy that most of those were off of his epically classic debut, I Get Wet. The show was pretty interesting, but we would have rather seen more of Andy's blocky dance moves and less people holding their breath.

When one prays to the Party Gods, the Party Gods answer. Andrew W.K. is returning to Revolution, and this time, he is playing I Get Wet in its entirety. Thank you, Party Jesus!

There's been much speculation as to whether the Andrew W.K. we saw in 2010 is the same man who recorded "Party Hard" and "Party Til You Puke." Seriously, look it up. We can say with 99 percent certainty that the "Andrew W.K." coming in April is the same guy we saw live at the Warped Tour in 2002, and that guy looks a lot like the guy who sung "Ready to Die" on SNL in 2001. 

Let's celebrate the never-ending jam that W.K. kicked off by reliving his top ten most party moments, shall we? Put your party pants on -- it's time to party, and party hard.

10. "Party Hard"

Andy -- we should probably stop calling him that -- was only 22 when this guitar-dense anthem was released. Considered silly by some, this song will outlast humans after the nuclear holocaust.

9. Andrew W.K. for a Day

From his excellent MTV reality show, Your Friend Andrew W.K., watch him turn a regular-ass dude into a white and dirty stage pouncer.

8. The Weather Man

Party with a chance of party.

7. Dance-Off With Conan O'Brien

The combo of Conan and W.K. is like Krispy Kreme and more Krispy Kreme.

6. Getting Jiggy at the Gathering of the Juggalos

As the angry juggalos pelt him with cans of Faygo, he positively proclaims, "I love you, no matter what you think of me!"

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