Live: Buzz Bake Sale 16 at Cruzan Amphitheatre, December 3

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Photo by Monica McGivern
Buzz Bake Sale 16
With Awolnation, Seether, Chevelle, Hinder, Everlast, Adelita's Way, Art of Dying, Middle Class Rut, Falling in Reverse, and One
Cruzan Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach
Saturday, December 3, 2011

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Better than: Being so far away.

Awolnation saved the 16th edition of the Buzz Bake Sale -- let's get that straight. Staind, the scheduled headliner for the show, announced on Thursday afternoon it would have to cancel due to illness. Not only did the much-lesser known Awolnation step in to fill the hole left by Staind, it actually took over the headliner spot, even though they were kind of busy -- consider the fact they played in Tampa earlier in the day before rushing down to West Palm Beach.

To the oodles of fans that left after Seether's set because Staind wasn't performing: Joke's on you.

The crowd under the main stage was maybe half to one-third of what it was at the show's peak, but no matter, Awolnation told everyone to come down to the front. With an empty lawn and sparsely populated second-level seating, the party really started and ended with Awolnation.

A few hindrances from the audio equipment didn't foul things up a bit, as Awolnation still seemed cleaner and more technically sound than the preceding groups that were still relying on the recycling of decade-old material.
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Photo by Monica McGivern

Awolnation's frontman Aaron Bruno was refreshing, to say the least. The live renditions of their more popular songs, like "Sail" and "Guilty Filthy Soul" are more satisfying live than they do on the group's first full-length album, Megalithic Symphony, which was released earlier this year. Bruno's energy and performance gave a second wind to what seemed like a previously beleaguered audience. Rad, dudes.

Seether, which preceded Awolnation, still relies on its old hits -- as it should -- despite relatively new albums.

It opened with four songs present on the original Disclaimer album, which was released in 2002 -- "Gasoline," "Fine Again," "Driven Under," and "Broken." Those first three are more than a decade old, as they made their debut on the Fragile album -- when Seether was known as Saron Gas.
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Photo by Monica McGivern

Seether's commercial effect with Disclaimer II may have carried on to the relative success of Karma & Effect, but it's not quite working and more.

Chevelle, which played before Seether, covering nearly a decade's worth of their stuff, ranging from four tracks off of 2002's Wonder What's Next -- "Family System," "The Red," "Forfeit," and "Send the Pain Below" -- to two tracks from Hats Off to the Bull, the new album that's dropping next week -- "Same Old Trip" and "Face to the Floor."

Unlike Seether, Chevelle's new material always seems to be comparable in quality to the rest of its discography, so if you've seen Chevelle before, we can nearly guarantee this performance was as good as that one.

As for some of the other groups in attendance, like Everlast, Adelita's Way, and Art of Dying -- they are what they are, and they were there.

Critic's Notebook

The crowd
: When did mom stop telling the kids they're not leaving the house dressed like that?
Buzz Bake Sale-16.jpg
Photo by Monica McGivern

Random detail: Chevelle played a few random audio soundbites between songs, most memorably, and excerpt of Dan Deacon and Liam Lynch's "Drinking Out of Cups."

Personal bias
: Chevelle needed to play more songs from Vena Sera. All we got was "I Get It" -- we needed "Brainiac" and "The Fad" at the least.

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Chris R
Chris R

I agree with the writer, I love Chevelle's Vena Sera album and wish they would play more than "I Get It" from it. What I don't get is why is it The Buzz has given them the same time slot for the third year in a row with the same amount of time to play? They've been down here four times in five years and it has always been to play Bakesale. We never get a headline show from them, so why not at least give them a longer set time. Chevelle were definitely better than Seether who got an hour and all they played were the radio singles. What a bunch of lazy bastards. The singer needs to get an identity and stop trying to be Cobain too. The sound guy washed his voice in so much reverb and effects, I guess that's to cover his terrible singing, or lack thereof. I was really surprised at how good AWOLNation were, even though I saw them earlier this year in Delray at a small club. Middle Class Rut and Adelita's Way weren't too bad either.


The Festival was Fantastic! Staind was by far not the reason I went, and AWOLNATION was far better then could have attempted to be. a great $66 spent on my part. The Local stage was awesome (although understated). Behold The Wolf, Had an amazing crowd when they played and killed it opposite of Adelita's Way. For sure one of the next big names coming out of South Florida Rock. All in all, even with low ticket sales and as always expensive concessions, it was a Fantastic Time to be had. Thanks Buzz 103.1!


I love Buzz Bake Sale, I go every year not for the bands but for the experience of a lifetime. Concerts, to me, are one the best ways to just relax and have a good time. For people like "Usglfvet" who had nothing to do but complain, I could easily tell them not to go, and that concerts are better when the people who go are there for the show not the bands. I love AWOLNATION with a passion, being right up next to Aaron Bruno was so fun, and I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Staind, whom I have seen about 3 times and from what I've gathered, whom I'd rather listen to my iPod for, cancelling and allowing AWOLNATION, a band whom I never wouldve seen another way.


****BUZZ BAKE SALE RIP-OFF**** Ok so I bought in, great seats, Sec 8 front row bcuz "Staind" is a favorite and I had "some interest" in a couple other bands. So "Staind" cancels last minute and I'm stuck with these fucking tickets. SO we mount up and go anyways and what a mistake. Never mind the Lines 12 deep for a $6 hotdog. Never mind lines 12 deep for an $11 beer or $14 mixed drink. Never mind wading through urine and puke to use the facilities that are trashed an hour into the concert without anyone attending them. No wonder the crowd was only 1/2 of what it was 3 years ago. Except for Middle Class Rut and Chevelle the music sucked. Seether's sound board man had his head so far up his ass he could not hear the feedback killing the vocals to the point you could not tell what song they were hacking. BUZZ BAKE SALE, Never again, your Dead to me.

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