Radio-Active Records' Black Friday Shopping Picks

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Photo by Monica McGivern
How far will you go to get the finest musical gifts of the season? If your answer doesn't involve waiting in the dark in a Walmart parking lot with a lot of screaming mommies, perhaps Radio-Active Records can provide some needed cachet for the competitive giving season.

Black Friday is very nearly upon us, and the venerable Fort Lauderdale music emporium -- now in a convenient, beautiful new location at 845 N. Federal Highway -- is hosting an event. There will be music courtesy of Mr. Entertainment and the Pookiesmackers and Humbert, and there will be a wealth of special releases. (We hear Sweat Records has something going on too.) County Grind tracked down Radio-Active's Mikey Ramirez and Richard Vergez to get the dish on their recommended platters for this holiday.
Photo by Monica McGivern
Richard Vergez's Picks

Back-Wash Rhythm Band - The Golden Breed Soundtrack
I can listen to instrumental surf for days. This is rumored to be one of the rarest surf records ever, which means a lot for record-collecting nerds such as ourselves. No info anywhere about this record, no audio samples, which makes it that much more elusive. And I think the movie is even more rare. Whoa.

Mr Gasser and the Weirdos - Surfink!
Another rare surf offering from Sundazed, adorned with some classic rat-fink artwork. Probably the campiest thing on the list.

Beatles - The Singles
Maybe you've heard of this band. If Radio-Active carried nothing but Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc., we could run just as solid a business. I'm just still surprised people keep pouring money into this bloody band.

Yardbirds - Ten Little Indians
Another Sundazed release?! A legendary recording for two reasons: A[-side] one of the first uses of reverse echo in a studio recording, and B[-side] Jimmy Page's first use of a bow on a recording.

 Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
The only hip-hop record on the list. Brought to you by three white Jewish guys.

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Stephen Joseph Johnson
Stephen Joseph Johnson

What about that live Butthole Surfers record Richard is holding? Also, I believe that the neon sign above Mickey's head is making his hair all static-y.

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