Lil Wayne as a Werewolf at Odd Future's Halloween in Miami

Wolf Gang gets a new member: Lil Wayne
Just in case there's any doubt, Lil Wayne can upstage anyone by doing virtually nothing. Take last night's Odd Future/OFWGKTA performance at Fillmore Miami, which did not feature a performance by Weezy. (It also did not feature an assault on a female photographer, to our knowledge, because shooters are reportedly being placed at the soundboard for the remainder of the L.A. rap collective's Golf Wang tour.) But it did feature a moronic costume from Odd Future frontman Tyler the Creator -- almost as dumb as T.I.'s choice to dress as Michael Vick (!).

As the photo by Odd Future manager Kelly Clancy indicates, Lil Wayne decided to don a Michael J. Fox-y Teen Wolf getup. Not the first time this comparison has happened, mind you.

Another photo courtesy of Lance Bangs shows the Weezy beast unmasked, but he did not do any performing aside from some stage-strutting.
Photo by Lance Bangs
If those pajama pants aren't enough of a head-slapper for you, know that: 1. Tyler the Creator decided to go as a "skinhead" for the performance. 2. Below is how that turned out for him.
Coming from a guy who has created full personae for himself in the form of golf lover Thurnis Haley and "Young Nigga" in the past, this is one of the weakest Halloween showings County Grind has ever seen. First of all, it's a stupid idea to dress as a skinhead. But trying to be a skinhead with hair still on your head is like trying to score more points than your opponent if you're the Miami Dolphins. Even if a haircut doesn't suit, there are plenty of latex options that can do the trick.
Photo by Ian Witlen
This is the portrait of a guy having second thoughts.
Crossfade's full review of the show is here. But the gist: "The spectacle that surrounds Odd Future is incredibly entertaining, but the live music left a sour taste in our mouth. The future for these kids is not so much odd, but rather short."

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lil wayne did NOT upstage odd future! Hardly any of the fans even cared.


Really Reed? This article is mainly about how much his costume sucked... Wow someone fire this dip-shit immediately.


hahaha he's skinhead costume was awesome 

Reed Fischer
Reed Fischer

That's right, Dan. His costume did suck.

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