Happy Birthday, Bryan Adams and Ryan Adams!

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There's obviously some irony in the fact that two artists with such similar names -- namely Bryan Adams and Ryan Adams -- should also share the same birthday of November 5, which is Saturday.

We were curious to see what other things the two men hold in common, but we didn't find much. For one, there's a pretty wide age divide -- Bryan is 16 years older than Ryan -- he turns 52 -- and Ryan hits 37. Still, we were determined to find some basis for similarity, so we stretched our imagination and, with it, our logic. Here, then, is a side-by-side comparison of Bryan and Ryan...

8. They both live in places that start with "Ca." Bryan resides in Canada. Ryan calls Carolina home. 

7. Bryan's big hit, "Summer of '69," found him extolling the virtues of regression. Ryan's early efforts found him instigating a movement that was dubbed No Depression. Regression, depression... there's some kind of connection there. Maybe.

6. Given his insurgent stance, Ryan rocks. And being that he leans toward big ballads, Bryan ruminates. 

5. Both men started out in bands that had questionable handles. Bryan's early outfit was named Sweeney Todd. Ryan's first group was called the Patty Duke Syndrome. Lame on both counts. 

4. Throughout much of the previous decade, Ryan was highly visible, putting out an album a year and sometimes even more. Bryan's career slowed down considerably during that same period. He released only one new album, and he practically faded from view. 

3. Bryan had a chart topper called "Cuts Like a Knife." Ryan's music has always been termed "cutting edge."

2. Ryan's second solo album was called Gold. Early in his career, Bryan had numerous gold albums. 

1. Ryan's latest album, Ashes and Fire, features the contributions of such notables as Norah Jones, legendary producer Glyn Johns, and Tom Petty keyboard player Benmont Tench. Bryan recorded the song "Everything I Do (I Do It for You)" and teamed with Rod Stewart and Sting. 

And that's about it in terms of similarities. Although if you remove the B from Bryan, you get Ryan... and that would be damned confusing indeed.

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Stephen Braverman
Stephen Braverman

Happy birthday Bryan and Ryan on November 5.If it's alright with you, I'd like to add myself, my dad, Kerry Gold, Art Garfunkel and Roy Rogers to this list.Yes it's my birthday, too, on November 5, Stephen Braverman, the award winning journalist from Bryan Adams' hometown of Vancouver. It's also my father, Harold's birthday, on November 5. He turns 70. Not bad for a guy who still snowboards.It's also Kerry Gold's birthday, the former writer for The Vancouver Sun. I loved your concert reviews in The Vancouver Sun. They were wonderful articles. I miss them.It's also Art Garfunkel's birthday. One of the best harmonizing singers of all time. And Roy Rogers. Don't know much about him except that he was a famous cowboy. Anyway. Happy trails and happy birthday to us all. Especially you, Bryan.One of my greatest memories was being up there in the blue seats at the Pacific Coliseum during one of your two shows in 1985. Waited all night for tickets outside Ticketmaster to get those. Was worth the wait.Once again. Happy birthday.

Stephen Bravermanstephenbraverman@shaw.ca

@shaw:disqus P.S. Already have my ticket for Guns N'Roses at the Pacific Coliseum for Saturday, December 17. Not sure yet if I'll buy a ticket for Prince at Rogers Arena for the night before on Friday, December 16. S.


This was just a waste of time. Really.

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