Totally Tuesdays '80s Music Video Party at Respectable Street Tonight!

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Remember when MTV played actual music, feathered bangs were sexy, and scrunchies were the hottest fashion craze?

Neither do we.

Thankfully Respectable Street is hosting a party to remind people of a time when Jersey Shore was only an area and pop stars didn't need vocal synthesizers to sound good.

The "Totally Tuesdays '80s Music Video Party" is a weekly party that Respectable Street has added to its repertoire of popular parties, like Flaunt Thursdays and Vinyl Fridays.

We got in touch with Kendall Courtney, one of tonight's DJs, and found out what videos they plan to play for the intimate crowd. Check it out after the jump.

5. Aha - Take On Me 

We were a little concerned that Courtney's top five hits for tonight would be obscure, '80s rock songs that only our mothers would recognize. This selection is far from it. Aha's "Take On Me" had us running in place, swinging our hair, and um... making fools of ourselves in public.

4. Michael Jackson - Thriller

Back in 2009, there was a rumor that "Thriller" was shot in Coconut Grove. Sadly it wasn't. While it took us a while to mourn the loss of something that never was, it never stopped us from participating in "Thriller" flash mobs (hint, hint).

3. Cyndi Lauper - She Bop

This music video is awkward, to put it nicely. The choreographed waiters shuffling through a futuristic Burger King are vaguely reminiscent of a scene from The Walking Dead. If anything, averting your eyes or dancing like a fool to avoid watching is entirely appropriate.

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