Pineapple Groove Under New Ownership

Delray Beach music venue Pineapple Groove has already switched ownership under a year after its grand opening.

The 8,000 square foot club opened its doors in December with the backing of brothers Mitch and Richard Clarvit, and launched right into working on connecting with the local music scene with a Best of Homegrown Concert Series featuring Mike Mineo, Rachel Goodrich, Spred the Dub, and Fusik.

Last week, Mitch posted a bulletin on Facebook saying that "with a great deal of sadness, mixed with a pinch of relief," he's passed ownership to Jim Layson of 88's Entertainment.

On Friday, the Facebook conversation continued with an announcement from the new owners:
And then, this weekend found that part of the refocusing of the club would be removing videos from the Facebook page. Michael Allman was quick to notice when his were taken down. And the club responded thusly. Just this morning, another complaint regarding the venue was logged.
These changes include a new contact person for booking bands, Sam Cieri, at the same number as before: 561-450-7953. The Pineapple Groove official website still has a flyer up from July 31's Yellowman show, so the changes are still in progress.

We will update you as we know more regarding Pineapple Groove.

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 A post from the new owners of Pineapple Groove!  To be clear, we did not retain any of the original staffing. Due to the prior issues and problems with the staff and security we have elected to manage this location ourselves. We are re-branding the concept, our staffs are always pleasant, fun !  We look forward to being back in Delray Beach....We are the previous owners of the late night club THE GARAGE that was in Delray and Stage 88s dueling piano bar that was at the Hardrock in hollywood !  Our new concept is going to explode onto the Delray market.....It is going to be unique fun and HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!  Bobby C frm PG

Gena Panda Vereen Rumble
Gena Panda Vereen Rumble

I just spoke with the owner, Jim Layson, who assured me the entire staff is gone.  He has had experience running a successful venue, & respects women:)  They are officially open for business with a hope to bring a relevant sound to Delray Beach.  Stoked<3


Now all they need to do is get rid of their dickhead staff. 


Good point, does anyone know if they kept their misogynistic staff?  I was there one time for 15 minutes when I made a firm decision not to support the venue.  I and two of my exceptionally kind, female friends were directly disrespected by a bouncer.  Apparently this was acceptable to the previous management.

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