Kiss Kruise: Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed Wear Wedding Rings

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KISS Kruise Day 1_by Ian Witlen-37_Gene_Shannon.jpg
Photo by Ian Witlen
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Gene Simmons and new wife Shannon Tweed are having a honeymoon of sorts during the inaugural KISS Kruise. Here is a photo of them boarding the ship on Thursday afternoon for the weekend cruise from Miami to Half Moon Cay to the Bahamas and back.

With security detail all around them, the newlyweds made their way through the lucky crowd assembled in the Carnival Destiny's grand Rotunda. Both were pleased to show off their wedding bands -- Tweed's is visible here -- as they strode in wearing some sharp outfits .

"I got Gene!" was a common exclamation, but really Gene's got us. Nearly 2,000 members of the KISS Navy on his boat, and there's no way out until Monday. Later that evening, Simmons and the rest of KISS emerged from their security-guarded portion of the boat to perform unmasked, and speak with fans for a Q&A.

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Wendy Severin Visser
Wendy Severin Visser

I hate reality show but ask my husband who like gene didn t marry me for 15yrs  or more too many to count any more cant believe that i m so addicted to the family jewels.  I was goin to give Shannon some beautiful destination to get married in with pictures and all as i ve been to alot of places.  A&^W  

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