DJ Laz's Gun Connected With Miramar Murder-Suicide

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Damn, chico! DJ Laz, the man who kept much of South Florida sane and entertained during our commutes, is connected with a murder-suicide that occurred last weekend. Our news-breaking brothers at Riptide reported that "The gun used in the Sunday murder-suicide was Laz's semiautomatic small-caliber pistol. [Laz] contacted police after hearing about the incident and discovering that one of his guns had gone missing."

Lazaro Mendez has been a staple on South Florida radio for decades. His classic Mega Mixes and Traffic Jams set the standard for Miami house-party DJs. His work with Pitbull, Gloria Estefan, and 1-800 Need Help TV spots have increased his profile in the past ten years.

Sadly, his gun was reportedly used in a murder-suicide by his friend and associate Marcus Nathaniel Trotman. Before shooting himself, Trotman shot his wife, Danielle Lorenzo, and her mother, Linda Scudera.

In light of this tragedy, we are relieved that Mendez immediately contacted authorities when he heard about the incident. As far as we can read, he's deeply saddened over this tragedy and transparent about his connection with the shooter.

DJ Laz has always been a positive force in our community. He's used his name, high profile, and time to support local charities. Hopefully, this tragic incident will inspire Laz, and other gun owners, to keep closer tabs on their pieces.

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dat chico is an idiot!!!!!! to start off he was never born in Hialeah or cuba how he claims he was born in Hollywood, he  cant  even hold a convo in Spanish. his morning show sucks his ratings suck every one on his show sucks.... hes a shitty dj matbe 20yrs ago he was good but now he sucks. carmencita who ever does that has more talent than him. all that money for a one hit wonder WOW WPOW need to really look at the talent the hire and need to get rid of people like DJ LAZ. 


 Uslip your an idiot! His ratings were just as good as they were back in the day. He was never a one hit wonder. He is still around 20 years later and still big in the music scene. Your a hater with a lot of envy. That's why your on your parents computer typing smack. Grow up coward!!!

Afi Keita James
Afi Keita James

And what are they gonna replace him with A DJ with even less talent, this DJ Laz has far more talent in his life than the rest of the b.s. that's out today.

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