Five Alternate Titles for Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto

Coldplay is (or was) one of the biggest bands in the world. From the moment "Yellow" came out in 2000 up until 2006's Kraftwerk-based hit "Talk," the London quartet was giving U2 a run for its money in the worldwide musical domination game. Its music is perfect for making a blind date feel unthreatened, giving your mom a ride to the airport, and for background music when the protagonist on your favorite reality show has to figure out what to do about his heart and feelings.

They just unveiled their next album's title. It's Mylo Xyloto, and we've spent hours thinking about what it may mean. In our research we learned that Mylo is a Scottish electronic musician, a mobile device by Sony for Skype-ing and a city in North Dakota. In our quest for the meaning of Xyloto, the only thing we found was Xylitol, a low calorie sugar substitute.

We also looked for a hidden phonetic meaning. But, unlike Britney Spears' "If You Seek Amy" or Turbonegro's "If You See Kay," Mylo Xyloto doesn't sound like any cheeky phrase. Miles o' lotto? My lows eel otto? We got nothing.

As you already know, we at County Grind have some really powerful powers of assumption and flat out guessing, so we are gonna use our skills to assume and propose some equally bad titles that Coldplay almost used for this album.

Milo & Otis


Chris Martin and the guys weren't getting along to well in the studio. Brian Eno suggested they watch a popular kids' movie about a cat and dog who, against all odds and the laws of nature, became best buddies.

Mor Yellow


The dudes were running out of ideas and didn't even feel like calling Kraftwerk and asking for permission to sample a cool synth melody. Tired, frustrated and a little sad, they decided to return to the basics and make an album of 12 songs exactly like "Yellow".

Last Album Ever? You Wish


Chris Martin told Billboard in a recent interview, "I always feel like each record is our last." They are smart enough to know that many people always wish that each record will be their last. But, they are smarter enough to know that somebody's Mom will always buy their next record.

Washed Out


They asked the graphic designer to emulate the text layout of Washed Out's "Within And Without." Then they asked Washed Out if they could just the same exact album cover. Washed Out said, "We'll think about it." Coldplay kept calling and texting them to find out if they finally decided on letting them use it. Washed Out said, "Stop bothering us, please, and... no."

Milo Goes Sugarfree


Maybe Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland got really into West Coast American punk rock during the making of this album? And maybe he also got really into eating low glycemic foods? This was the final concept for the album, until Eno stepped in. He told them, "Boys, you're on to something; but this kind of makes sense. I want all of you to go home, listen to Here Come The Warm Jets on repeat while looking at this album cover and eating nothing but Splenda." When Buckland woke up from his sugar-free night terrors, he saw that the words Mylo Xyloto were scribbled all over his walls.

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