Happy Birthday, Martin Gore! Cheers to Better Health, No More Heartache

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He looks completely different for his solo album cover. Beanie? Straight hair? No sparkles?!
It's kind of crazy that Martin Gore turns 50 today -- Depeche Mode's first album, Speak & Spell, is 30. We wish Martin Gore health and happiness. Gore is an incredible guitarist, keyboardist, mixer, lyricist, and, when he sings lead in Depeche Mode, which is rare, what a high-pitched but smooth, angelic voice that comes out of that mouth.

Depeche Mode's whole catalog is good, but, in the seven-year stretch from 1986 to 1993, the band was extraordinary. It released beautiful album after beautiful album after beautiful album after beautiful album: Black Celebration, Music for the Masses, Violater, and Songs of Faith and Devotion, respectively. (Miracles.)

Let's start with health: First off, bands should take breaks to remain healthy, but Depeche Mode did not for the first half of the '90s. They did not break, and they really did not remain healthy. The intense "Devotional Tour" lasted over a year and a half, and in that time, they covered 96 shows pretty much split down the middle between the U.S. and Europe. The band did drugs then. Tons.

It's fascinating to see how Depeche Mode as a whole reacted to wear and tear during the end of this tour. The tour only stopped -- they hit the road again, now calling it the "Exotic Tour/Summer Tour '94," which was an extension of the "Devotional Tour" -- because now every member was experiencing a personal plague. Keyboardist Andrew Fletcher was deemed mentally unstable. Frontman David Gahan went off on his own and did heroin for a long time. And Gore experienced seizures. (Alan Wilder had to quit the band. No words on how this affects us.) So, after sacrificing their health for all of us, we wish all of them -- especially Marty on his big day -- all the good health they can get.

Now, unto happiness: We don't know if Gore's seeing anybody right now; We know he's divorced and has three kids. (That sparkly-silver three-piece suit must be passed on, and one of them better have his blond curls. Although Gore shampoos with peroxide, maybe he was a natural blond as a young chap.) For his satisfaction, we hope he's gotten over that 15-year-old girl he wrote about oh so many years ago. (That would be over a quarter-of a-century, almost half-of-his-life heartache!) Sure, this is a presumption, but more than solid evidence (lyrics), we can feel it in the songs -- Gahan might be singing it, but Marty wrote it (he is the main lyricist).

The majority of Depeche Mode songs are about lust. Please note that Gore was around 24 when the following song came out, because it is somewhat odd hearing Gahan on lead vocals, obsessing over a 15-year-old. A condensed version of "A Question of Time" from the album Black Celebration:

"I've got to get to you first/Before they do/Well now you're only 15/And you look good/I'll take you under my wing/Somebody should/I can see them now/Hanging around/With my little one/Sometimes I don't blame them/For wanting you/You look good/And they need something to do/I know my kind/What goes on in our minds/It's just a question of time."

For full lyrics, click here.

Then released two years later, here is a beautifully haunting song that wasn't going to get released -- until it did get released, as a single, in France Europe because of a French record label. Here's part of the last stanza of "Little 15" from the album Music for the Masses untouched:

"Little 15/Why does she have to defend/Her feelings inside/Why pretend/She's not had a life/A life of near misses/Now all that she wants/Is three little wishes/She wants to see with your eyes/She wants to smile with your smile/She wants a nice surprise/Every once in a while."

For full lyrics, go here.

May you get your heart's desire, Martin Gore.

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LOL at Speak & Easy


the first album was "Speak and SPELL" not "Speak and EASY".....i appreciate your love of DM but.......you really get paid for this??  google it next time


Little 15 was released in GERMANY only. I have to know it because i am a GERMAN who lives in GERMANY for four decades now and i own that Little 15 single  on 7" inch, 12"inch and cd single and cd maxi single since the release in 1988.I know the world, or the BRITAIN hates GERMANY, but Little 15 was released in GERMANY and NOT in FRANCE only! The Singles 86 -98 description "released in France only" is WRONG!Dont you get it anyway?My best regards to all DM fans all over the world.

Jason Niec
Jason Niec

So mushroom top is 50, a true Black Celebration.  Maybe now he can go find that used up 41 year old and Violater with his Faith and Devotion so that he can go on writing Music for the Masses.

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