The Nine Worst Musical Tattoos

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She's going to regret this tattoo very soon.
One diehard My Chemical Romance fan received some undue fame recently thanks to a horrendous tattoo.

The Buzzfeed writer that unveiled the atrocity titled the article "The Best 'My Chemical Romance' Tattoo You'll Ever See" but by "best," he clearly meant, "Oh dear God, what were you thinking?!"

As it turns out, this girl wasn't the only person to make a permanently bad decision by defacing her body with her favorite band. 

We hunted high and low to bring you this list of the nine worst musical tattoos we could find. Check it out, laugh, and then make jokes in the comments. We encourage it.
9. Yes, it took us a bit to realize that "3EB" stands for "Third Eye Blind." Having to explain your tattoo is probably not a good way to start an artistic concept.

8. It's a bad idea to let a 5-year-old draw a Green Day sketch on your back. It's an even worse idea to have it tattooed.
7. Obsessed with boy bands much?
6. We imagine that if this person flexes his chest muscle, Clay Aiken will start singing.

5. The Counting Crows have held their own weight over the years, but Adam Duritz is not worth permanent ridicule.
4. We thought the Backstreet Boys tattoo from #7 was the ultimate example of fandom. We were wrong.
3. How long do you think it will take this man to regret this decision?
2. This tattoo had already made our list because it's an awful outline of Will Smith. And then we noticed that he's eating "rap snacks." Hot damn.
1. There are no words strong enough to describe our disgust.

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Alaina Manton
Alaina Manton

I Beilive This Is Copyright??So You Better Delete My MCR Picture NOW !!I Didnt Give You Authorization To Use It !!And I Will Take You To Court !!


Thesepersons are very fanatic in the field of music. Through having body tattoos,they can show their devotion on their idols and likes. However, too much of itis not good to look at.

word tattoos


Fuck you. If they want to get a tattoo of their favorite band or someone they look up to on THEIR body, who're you to say that it's the worst? It means something to them, and that's all that should matter.Being so close-minded and opinionated will get you nowhere. 

Anonymous Kitty
Anonymous Kitty

Haha you can't do shit about it. It was everywhere meaning they can use it. oh and also no copyrights for you =( oh welllllll! hahahahahhahahahhahahahaaaaa


Do you own one of the above tattoos?


actually, she can prove she's the origional creator of the image and therefore can claim copyright. i would suggest this gets removed asap unless you want to risk being sued 9 times

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