Longboards Grand Opening to Feature the Surfaris and Jacuzzi Boys


West Palm Beach's Clematis Street is about to get a fresh wave of surf culture, courtesy of a new restaurant called Longboards. Located in the street's 500 block in the space previously occupied by Ray's Downtown (Blues), the eatery is opening in grand fashion on Saturday, July 2.

Just to play up the "hang ten" theme of the new spot, owner Rodney Mayo is throwing a massive, surf-themed block party starring the Surfaris of "Wipe Out" fame and the Jacuzzi Boys, who have all the kids saying "glazin" these days.

We spoke to Respectable Street's Allan Bowron to get some more details on the new spot.

What is Longboards like inside?

What he's going for is a surf-themed steak and seafood restaurant and bar. Definitely not like Respectable Street, and much more like Dada. A restaurant maybe with bands late at night. Primarily food and drinks. Surfboards are going to be all over the place in there, and flatscreen TVs for sports. There is going to be a back patio area too. They're still doing tastings for the menu, and finishing process of construction.

How big is it inside?

Well, it's where Ray's Downtown Blues used to be, but it's been completely gutted -- you wouldn't even recognize it. What used to be a bunch of rooms is now big, long, and open. There's a huge, elongated bar along the center of the restaurant. This 75-foot, surfboard-shaped bar is the centerpiece of the restaurant and has a huge aquarium in the middle.

Is there a stage?

I don't think so. Rodney talked about doing some surf bands and reggae acts possibly on the back patio. There's not going to be big national acts in there.

How are they going to fit for the grand opening?

There's going to be a big outdoor stage like what we do for the anniversary parties. Three bands outside, a portable halfpipe. We're hopefully getting surfboards autographed by Dick Dale that we'll auction off for the Surfers for Autism charity. It's starting to look like the 200 block of Clematis here!

Longboards Grand Opening. With the Surfaris, Jacuzzi Boys, the State Of, Bonnie Riot, and more. 5 p.m. Saturday, July 2, at the 500 block of Clematis Street, West Palm Beach. No cover. Click here.

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I had a great time. I'm excited to see a new palce. I recommended it to some friends at work and they loved it also. It's worth checking out. Try the ceviche.


Island Wings are delicious and staff is very friendly/sweet, but very "green." Not a big deal, but just know that if your server/bartender makes an honest mistake on your order, the assistant manager will make you pay for it! Last week, (first visit..about 9:30pm) I asked for a beer menu, then asked the bartender what the blueberry bottle was on the top shelf inside the cooler. She told me it was Shipyard's blueberry beer. I ordered it. She served it to me in a frosted beer glass. It wasn't until I was ready for a second that she tells me, "You know that's non-alcoholic." I didn't. I asked her if she knew it was non-alcoholic soda (in a beer bottle) when she told me it was a blueberry beer. She confessed she didn't. No biggie. Honest mistake. I asked her to take it off my check. The assistant manager comes over and says he can't because I drank it all. I explained that I thought it was beer because that's what I asked for and that's what your bartender told me it was. She didn't tell me it was sugared-down soda until I finished it. He gave us a 20% off coupon and finally took it off the check. For me, it wasn't about the $3 soda, it was the fact that his staff made an honest mistake and yet he wouldn't fix it. We gave it another shot last night, and again, our server brought out two swordfish sandwiches when we ordered two Island Chicken Sandwiches. She even came back to show us that she wrote chicken sandwiches on her pad. We asked her to make sure she only charged us for two chicken sandwiches. She said no problem. She comes back with the check and surprise, surprise, the two swordfish sandwiches are still on the check, but she says "Oh, I took 20% off." We explained that hey, the only reason we came back was because we had a 20% coupon from last week. Thank you for the 20% off, but we shouldn't be charged for something we clearly didn't order. We watch as she talks to the SAME assistant manager from last week, he reaches into his pocket, hands her two $1 bills. She brings us the $2 and says "He can't change the check, but said to give you this." NICE!! As long as that guy is the assistant manager, this place will not last and I sure as hell will not be back. I've never had the slightest bit of a bad experience at a restaurant or bar (I've lived here my whole life and I work in the hospitality industry), but unfortunately, Longboards has changed that.


Chef Victor Malaric is sure to please with his Island Seafood Cuisine, I for one cannot wait!


Just got hired by this place the other day. Very excited to start working here next week.


I went and I loved it. I also encourage everyone else who has a positive review to post it.

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