Video: Universal Expansion's Minimalist Bliss at Kismet Vintage

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Photo by Reed Fischer
From left: Adam Perry, Nelson Hallonquist, Nick Klein, and Jimmy Bradshaw.
Universal Expansion, West Palm's emergent gods of robotic rhythm, let loose on a fortunate few who stuck around into the evening at Kismet Vintage's three-year anniversary celebration. Set up near the fitting booths and Western shirts in the rear of the Delray Beach clothing boutique, the quartet played three evolving instrumentals centered around a pair of vintage keyboards.

Much like the hypnotic moments from the Tortoise, Black Dice, or Can catalogs, these textured songs ease gradually into shape, particle by particle. Once locked in, all four guys surrender to the machine that they have become, and it's a lot easier to ignore the woman who keeps trying on different dresses only inches away. See/hear what we mean below.

Videos courtesy of Amateur Depression:

Bonus: Nothingberryplasma opened up for them outside.

Next show:
Universal Expansion. With Dino Felipe, Band in Heaven and This Heart Electric. 9 p.m. at Little Munich, 806 Lake Ave., Lake Worth. Click here.

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