Tom Cruise's Rock of Ages Turns Landfill into Hollywood Hills

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Photo by Jordan Hennessey Liberatore
Mount Trashmore got a classy makeover.
Apparently the producers of the new Tom Cruise/Russell Brand flick Rock of Ages had a little trouble figuring out how to turn South Florida into the iconic scenery of Los Angeles.

Their solution was to put a "Hollywood" sign on a landfill. Yes, a landfill.
Apparently nothing says "Welcome to Florida" like a mountain of trash.

The Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park between Coconut Creek and Deerfield Beach is the site of the classy makeover. Thankfully Waste Management had some foresight to do good by the town, as the Sun Sentinel reported, and will turn the location fee into scholarships for four graduating seniors at Monarch High School.

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Jason Evans
Jason Evans

We saw this last week and wondered what the hell!

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