Justin Bieber Tied to Troubled App Company Created by Convicted Racketeer

Categories: Crime
If you've been to a Justin Bieber concert or seen him on a talk show or read an interview with him, you've probably heard him go on about the dangers texting and driving. So it seemed a good fit when he recently endorsed a Boca Raton company that sells an app making it impossible to text and drive.

But the pop star with the domed hair picked an unlikely ally -- a company with shaky finances and a founder with a felonious past. Read more about it at our sister blog, the Pulp.

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Hey Eric,Maybe if you got your tongue out of your boy friends moist asshole you would see it not racketeering it was Conspiracy your pole smoker.


I think Eric is straight, but I dont care either way,,, BUT does anyone over 18 really give a shit what Beiber does or say?

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