County Grind Year One: Less Justin Bieber Than You Think

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County Grind is 1 year old this week!

OK, so technically Saturday, May 21, was the one-year anniversary of County Grind's painful but necessary split from the Miami New Times' Crossfade blog. We decided to wait and see if any sort of "rapture" would occur before assembling any link montages or commissioning any overly garish logos to commemorate this important event. This week, we'll be celebrating with some misty-eyed recollections of the past year.

First, only a tiny fraction of our work has had anything to do with Justin Bieber -- in spite of what some angry commenters would believe. Below is a complete chronology of the in-depth Biebs coverage featured on County Grind during the past year.

Here are the six seven stories about JB between May 21, 2010, and today:

August 3, 2010: Five SoFla Occurrences for Justin Bieber's Memoirs

August 6, 2010: Last Night: Justin Bieber at the BankAtlantic Center

January 4, 2011: Five Problems With Justin Bieber's Vanity Fair Cover Story

January 31, 2011: Justin Bieber Naked PETA Ad

February 16, 2011: Justin Bieber's Rolling Stone Cover Story Talks About Sex

February 18, 2011: Video: Justin Bieber Shot and Killed by TV Police

May 23, 2011: You're looking at it.

That works out to be one every two months or so, which is still seven more than some of our readers can stomach. Bring out the birthday venom, people!

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Fat Hand
Fat Hand

Happy birthday County Grind! I don't know how anybody could ever accuse you of too much Bieber cover...oh wait, there's like three Bieber stories just today. Ah well.

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