Peter Murphy at Culture Room, March 27

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Peter Murphy
Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale
Sunday, March 27, 2011

Better than: If Peter Murphy was really a Twilight vampire -- not even that would beat the man living in the flesh.

Besides a near-perfect performance, Peter Murphy was horny as shit last night at the Culture Room. No other reviews hinted at such pent-up sexual energy, so it appears that South Florida got something really special from the ex-Bauhaus frontman, the eternal Gothfather. All it takes is three songs and a venue with a shitty back to get Peter Murphy in the mood.

After finishing "Peace to Earth," he started the courtship. "I'm a bit fat now," he said as he lifted up his deep V-necked black cardigan, which he wore with no undershirt. He pinched his belly fat, unzipped that cardigan, grabbed his self-called "fat tits," and readjusted his dick, twice. While adjusting, he gave a "what do you expect me to do?" when he hinted at having a chub to a male fan in front.

"I'm not wearing underwear," Murphy said, "and I haven't had sex in God knows how long..." This was excellent news because (a.) he said he needed this build-up to perform and (b.) throughout the whole performance, he was showing his nipples. He met a lady fan who he declared to be like Elizabeth Taylor after she asked him if he liked an A cup, her bra size. Only now did the fourth song start, dedicating "Indigo Eyes" to Lady A-cup because her eyes were worthy of it.

The show was a beautiful mix of slow tunes, showcasing Murphy's soothing screams and soul-crushing stares ("Marlene Dietrich's Favorite Poem" and "Strange Kind of Love" mix with "Bela Legosi is Dead") and uptempo ones, where his stamina was shown through him spinning with his arms out. When he ran in place, it was lustful -- seducing -- sauntering. He flapped like a bat throughout.

Murphy was not vampryic nor morbid -- OK, not totally true -- but he was only dark for the tunes, when everyone was sucked into his vortex. The rest of the time, his British, self-deprecating humor had the crowd exploding in laughter -- Murphy was extremely talkative. After he ripped (more) open his cardigan, showed us his nipples (again), and left the stage, it was time for his second encore (both encores kept the energy of the crowd high) : "Cuts You Up" got every goth in the place to dance with his or her hands up, wrists out. The third encore -- Iggy Pop's "Raw Power" -- caught the majority by surprise and so Murphy ended the night on a frenzy.

"Everyone hits on me. Stop wanting me," he asked of us. Not a chance. 

Critic's Notebook

The crowd: People who wear black. To their weddings.

Random detail: Murphy wore a giant, sparkly ring on his right hand and drank with his pinky out! 

Personal Bias: I love goths, sexual beings, people with intense stares, everything vampyric including bat moves, and Bauhaus.

By the way: His ninth album called Ninth comes out in June.

Set List:
Low Room
Velocity Bird
Peace to Earth
Indigo Eyes
Silent Hedges 
I'll Fall With Your Knife
Mariene Dietrich's Favorite Poem
The Prince and Old Lady Shade
Uneven and Brittle

First Encore:
Cool Cool Breeze
Strange Kind of Love mix with Bela Lagosi is Dead

Second Encore:
Cuts You Up
All Night Long
She's in Parties with a line or two from Riders on the Storm

Third Encore:
Raw Power

Location Info


Culture Room

3045 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Music

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moon goddess
moon goddess

By the way he did not say he wan"t wearing any underwear,instead he said any under pants as any good Irishman would say. He was perfect like always.


You forgot 'Burning from the Inside' in your set list -- just FYI...

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