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Get used to these faces.
West Palm Beach rootsy rock act the Gallery has a shot at joining the ranks of the Beatles, Madonna, Coldplay, and Aretha Franklin as a cover subject on an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone. This rare opportunity comes as part of the magazine's "Do You Wanna be a Rock & Roll Star?" contest featuring 16 "undiscovered" acts from around the U.S. Check out the Gallery's competition for cover glory and a deal with Atlantic Records here.

Next Tuesday, singer-guitarist Brendan Cooney, drummer Ryan Cooney, bassist Dave Mozdzanowski, and lead guitarist Shea Brennan release an EP, Come Alive (streaming here), and a headlining gig follows at Respectable Street on March 4.

Curious readers might note that the Gallery lists its origin to be Wilbraham, Massachusetts. The band's rep explains that the fellas have family there, but they're planning to move back to West Palm Beach after their current tour. Here's a TV spot about the band filmed in Massachusetts:

The band took to its MySpace blog to celebrate:
We are very grateful for all of the opportunities we have had so far, and are very excited about this one. By no means are we a band so we can just become "famous" or be in the spotlight. This opportunity will put us in a great position to continue making music that we can only hope you all will love- which is why we continue on as a band.
Place your vote for the Gallery to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone here. This is an elimination-style tournament, so the voting will continue March 16.

The Gallery. With Kadets and the Gold Coast. 9 p.m. Friday, March 4 at Respectable Street, 518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. Click here.

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Sara Schlievert
Sara Schlievert

The first round of voting actually ends on March 2. There is some time off between then and the start of round 2 because the bands that move on are being flown to new york, recording, etc. during that break.

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