Mix Masters From Full Sail University Rack in Grammy Nominations

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Full Sail University Sound Studio
Riddle me this: What do the five Grammy nominees for Album of the Year have in common with Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida?

Answer: All five albums were mixed or engineered by a Full Sail graduate, as Time magazine pointed out in today's article.

Questions swarm surrounding the cost-benefit of tuition at Full Sail, a little-known for profit college focused on training students for careers in the entertainment industry. But, for now, the university is enjoying a high profile 15-minutes of fame.

The Album of the Year nominees, all handled in some way by Full Sail grads are:

'The Suburbs' -- Arcade Fire
'Recovery' -- Eminem
'Need You Now' -- Lady Antebellum
'The Fame Monster' -- Lady Gaga
'Teenage Dream' -- Katy Perry

...Feel free to leave predictions in 'comments.'

The Time article continues, "In fact, this year's Grammy-nominated projects were worked on by 74 alums of Full Sail U in total." Also, eight Full Sail grads were nominated for their own Grammy awards, some for their work on the Album of the Year nominees.

Not to shabby, Full Sail.

The Time piece details the upshots and drawbacks of a Full Sail education: Successful students because of their education, successful students in spite of their education; high tuition, high-tech equipment. And it ends with a little punch in the throat to Orlando, delivered by '09 graduate Adam Tuminaro, the drummer in a Florida band called the Crazy Carls, who notes that Full Sail's reputation improves farther away from Orlando. "Wherever you go to school, Tuminaro says, "if you want a chance at being successful you have to get out of Orlando."  

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Yes, but the business operations within Full Sail University leave much to be desired. Check out the unhappy employee reviews on The Glass Door's Business Reviews for Full Sail University if you don't believe me.

Full Sail University is getting consistently poor internal reviews posting within various social media web sites for their apparent: lack of management structure, absent performance guidelines and non-existent routine peer/management reviews, little to no raises for instructors, poor instructor existing pay rates and overly strenuous workloads (req to teach both in-person and online), and lack of promotional opportunities.

As a prospective student, Full Sail admissions 'counselor' Abby Calloway won’t return my calls…it seems the admissions department earns nearly twice what teachers do and are reputedly too impatient to spend much too time with prospective students in the event that they don’t quickly take the bait. In conclusion, Full Sail business focused is on making the fast money through their rapidly growing online programs, technology-focused marketing promotions and a “get ‘em in and forget about ‘em!” admissions process for both students and instructors. Other publically posted reviews from employees have stated a corporate culture that is bases its promotions on "who you know" and not what you have measurably achieved for the company.


The number of Full sail grads who worked on Grammy projects is outstanding. Congrats grads and bring home the statues on Sunday!!!

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