Nobodys Hero's Perfected Aggression Opens for NOFX Tonight

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Nobodys Hero frontman and Against All Authority founding member, Joe Koontz is punk rock. If you spend any time driving between Coral Way and South Miami you'll see Koontz on his skateboard, wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and headphones affixed deeply into his ears. Whether he's tearing up Sub-Humans, Judge or Stiff Little Fingers; it's all the same to him. Koontz explains, "when I was 14, we called it all hardcore punk. You'd go to a show, it would be totally different bands -- like, Black Flag and the Descendents -- and the kids would go crazy for both bands just the same."

Koontz's take on punk rock as something to be lived, breathed and grinded -- not a genre confined by strict rules. Nobodys Hero's music is abrasively clear. Blending elements of street punk, tough guy hardcore and California skate punk, Nobodys Hero's self-titled debut CD is the result of years of studying punk rock history. "In school, they have music history classes, but, there's no history of punk class. If you want to learn about punk rock, you have to do it yourself," says Koontz.

Do it yourself is what he does. When Against All Authority disbanded in 2007, Koontz didn't miss a beat. While playing in On the Account, the Crumbs and Danger US (to name a few), he connected with Vandals and Guajiro's powerhouse drummer Doug MacKinnon to form Nobodys Hero. The two punk/hardcore veterans are constantly challenging each other. One of their most aggressive and catchy songs "Worldwide Fratricide" was born out of their unique relationship. Koontz elaborates, "Doug and I like to give each other 'homework assignments.' Like, ok, when you go home: write a song that is like both Bad Religion and Cro-Mags together."

AAA was one of Miami's most successful and beloved punk bands in the '90s -- their fuck-authority-attitude is one kids all across the globe love to bite into. In Nobodys Hero, Koontz and co. take the blind rage of AAA and focus it sharply. On the song "Effective Aggresion," Koontz is just as pissed as he was when he sung the AAA classic "Hard As Fuck," except on the new track the music has harder edge than AAA ever did. Plus, it's not about smashing a brick into a cop's face. Koontz says, "it's about turning that anger into something positive. Getting up and doing something productive with that aggression."

This week Nobodys Hero is on the Florida leg of NOFX's tour. For a band that's been around less than two years, that's a pretty big deal. For a group of guys that have been at the heart of the punk rock scene for almost two decades, it's just the start.

Nobody's Hero opens for NOFX, with Bouncing Souls, Cobra Skulls, and Old Man Markley. 7 p.m. Friday, January 28, at Revolution, 200 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $24. Click here

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This is going to be a great show...Can't wait - Nobodys Hero Self Titled Debut - Available on Achala - Out now on Itunes and Sweat Records -

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