Benefit Show for Everymen's Cowboy on February 4 at Propaganda

Everymen's Sergio Witis speaks about Cowboy here.

Word has trickled in that Cowboy, who plays washboard and guitar for local swamp-folk act Everymen, has been hospitalized after a serious fall from a balcony at his home a week ago Sunday.

According to friend Cecil Lunsford, who is hosting a benefit at Propaganda on Friday, Cowboy does not have health insurance, and all donations at the show will go to defray the mounting hospital bills. "It's really, really serious," Lunsford emphasizes. "He's been in a coma for a week." To protect the family's privacy, the name of the hospital has not been released.

So far, the lineup of locals for Friday's show includes Viva Le Vox, Bonnie Riot, the Howling Winds, Heavy Boots, the Shakers, Cop City/Chill Pillars, and Yellow #6. More names are expected to be added soon.

From the event invite:
this show is to show support for our friend and comrade Cowboy, who is down and out right now, and needs the support of this community

this show is also for everyone that is friends with Cowboy that has been bummed for the past week. Shit's rough, but its ok to still have a good time

All the money is going to be given to Cowboy's family who are the best qualified to decide what to do with it. We ask that you please bring cash as it would just make things easier.

Show for Cowboy. With Viva Le Vox, Bonnie Riot, the Howling Winds, the Shakers, Cop City/Chill Pillars, Heavy Boots, and Yellow #6. 6 p.m. Friday, February 4, at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. Click here.

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6 S. J St., Lake Worth, FL

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Black Locust Society
Black Locust Society

Here's to a speedy recovery. Hope to see you back on the washboard soon homie!


pretty much the best band to come out of south florida in 10 years

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