Monterey Club Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

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Travis Newbill
What's a party without Charlie Chaplin?

​It's now been one year since Rob Stannard and company first hit the ignition on the Monterey Club. To celebrate, they shifted into high gear and threw a heck of a party that brought together several of the elements that have given the Monterey its distinct character over the past year. There were rockin' tunes, gorgeous gals, affordable and tasty brews, and, of course, lots of black clothing and good vibes. 

The turnout was huge, with patrons pouring out into the street in front of the club to hang with one another and the iconic row of hot rods. County Grind was there with camera in hand to capture the revved-up scene and join in the festivities.

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Travis Newbill
Rob was glowing: "If you all took your [unmentionables] out, I would have to give you [unmentionable treatment]...I will take your nose off if that gets quoted." Edited for nose preservation. He later became sincere for a moment: "This is a really emotional night. We can't even fit [all the people] in the building. Wow. Wow."
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Mark Newbill
After the Howling Winds' stellar set, I was about to ask lead man George to describe his band's unique sound, but he asked me first. The best I could come up with was: melodic punk songs channeled through a rockabilly arrangement. It is a very sweet and unique sound, and he liked my description.
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Travis Newbill
Matt: Why is Charlie Chaplin here? Me: Why wouldn't Charlie Chaplin be here? Charlie Chaplin: No (verbal) comment.

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Travis Newbill
Ricardo: "I wish my car was out there. I'm building one, but it's going to be a hearse."

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Travis Newbill
Richie (of the Howling Winds): "I really feel bad leaning on this car. I would ride this bitch like a grandma." And upon noticing the roller rink next door: "I used to work in a roller rink in West Palm. Dude, if you don't like kids, don't work at a roller place."

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The Monterey Club

2608 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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