Guess Where I'm Peeing: Naked Ladies on the Walls (NSFW)

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Guess Where I'm Peeing is toilet humor, plain and simple, set in the scenic restrooms of South Florida. We post 'em, you name 'em.

In this episode, we bring you to an ultimate locals bar in North Broward. The bathrooms at this place are somewhat legendary, mostly because of the sexy photos in both the men's and women's restrooms.

As you can see here, though, the nude photos (naked women in the men's room and naked men in the women's room) are just one part of the décor in this well-lit, clean urination station. There's also a machine that sells condoms, extra-strength Tylenol, and chewy chocolate candy that is "seriously caffeinated" (what we like to call the "Good, Long Night trifecta") and a door that looks like a... well, it matches the theme of the room.

Peeing Nudity1.jpg
Michael J. Mooney

Peeing Nudity2.jpg
Michael J. Mooney
Peeing Nudity3.jpg
Michael J. Mooney
So what do you win if you can successfully name this bathroom?

Well, our very own music editor extraordinaire will, one time only, let you reach into the magical black bag of discarded demos he keeps near his desk, and you can keep as many CDs as your little hand can grab. (Disclaimer: County Grind is not responsible for any physical damage listening to the CDs might inflict.)

And if you guessed "Maguires Hill 16" for our last GWIP, you are a very observational urinator.

UPDATE - Still no right guesses on this pee place, so how about a few more hints:

1) It's not a strip club or "gentlemen's bar."

2) While this bar (not a strip club) is in Pompano Beach, there are two more locations, both in Chicago.

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