Google Pacman: A Disgusting Display of Ghost Slaughter and Pill Consumption

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You probably came here to kill some time. So when you're done reading each and every post here, you should check out Google's Homepage PAC-MAN game. If you've been to today, you may have seen it and not realized it's a playable game. It is.

This is Google's way of celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic arcade game.

The game went up at 11 a.m. ET today (midnight in Japan) and will be there for 48 hours.

google pacman partial.JPG
So if you hear someone in a cubicle near yours yelling something like "Get Some, you fucking ghosts!" and then screaming in agony, that person has probably already discovered the game. And perhaps he's been watching too much of The Pacific.

Bonus: Aphex Twin/Power Pill's remix of the Pacman theme.

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