Dr. Dre a No-Show at Blue Print For Space Opening and Afterparty

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Time for a cheesy joke about how Dre "forgot about Miami" or "forgot about Primary Flight" or something. Dr. Dre's connection to the Primary Flight street art installation around Wynwood -- more specifically its gallery version, Blue Print for Space, at the Art Center South Florida -- was much hyped. He was said to be generally supportive of the whole thing, and had donated some of his Beats By Dre headphones to be artist-decorated and then auctioned off for charity. He was set to show up to the open-to-the-public reception last night on Lincoln Road, and then DJ (or at least "appear") at the afterparty late night at the Shore Club. 

Still, things perhaps didn't bode well when Dre refused to do press about the event in advance....  And when last night rolled around, Dre was conspicuously absent from the opening. He didn't show up to the afterparty either. The rumored explanation was the vague "personal issues," and word is though he had some actual musical studio engagements in town, he skipped out on coming to Miami altogether. 

Well, Dre missed out. The opening and the afterparty were both packed wall to wall (actually, I skipped the Shore Club party when I saw the ridiculous clusterfuck at the door). His last-minute sell-out  was a slap in the face to the exhibit's organizers, too. More details on what happened if we get an official explanation. Stay tuned.

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