L.A. Guns shooting up Culture Room on September 12

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One of the two bands currently touring under the L.A. Guns moniker is coming to Culture Room on September 12. Founding member Tracii Guns, Jeremy Guns, Marty Casey, Alec "Big Al" Bauer, and Chad Stewart make up this version of the Guns, while all Phil Lewis, Steve Riley, Stacey Blades, and Scott Griffin are the L.A. Guns who won't be playing in Florida this September. How one '80s glam metal band split into two, with each keeping the original name, continue to viably tour without confusing/pissing off fans is a mystery. If you're interested in the Tracii's LA Guns, buy your tickets through Ticketmaster. If you'd rather see the other one, hold your breath: Crossfade will be the first to tell you when they come.

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