Real Jazz Jam with Renee Fiallos at Tobacco Road Tonight

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Renee Fiallos via Myspace
Quick, what's the difference between "Real Jazz" and that impostor shit John Tesh and his cronies try to pass off? If you can't answer that question, you owe it to yourself to get down to Tobacco Road tonight at 10 pm.  Here's a hint: Real Jazz has heart and soul that's palpable when you're sitting at the show.

Not-so-real jazz tends to bring about all together different feelings: nausea, partial blindness and an overwhelming urge to stab at your ears with sharp objects. Renee Fiallos and company will be sure to lay down all the right notes, and withhold the elevator music inspired jams of Yanni and company.

The Real Jazz Jam starts at 10 pm at Tobacco Road, located at 626 S Miami Ave in Miami.

-- Brett Gillin 

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