Pitbull Busted for DUI

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Okay, I admit to reading this on Perez Hilton first, but the Miami Herald's also got the whole scoop. In a nutshell, Mr. 305 got caught driving drunk early this morning. The story kinda deserves LOLz, though, for how ultimately Miami it is. First, he didn't get busted on South Beach, or even downtown -- instead, he was on the Palmetto, near SW 56th Street. And then check how he responded to the cop:

"Come on papo, what's up?''
''Come on, This ain't nuthin. You're wasting your time... Let's not do this, yo."

He managed to list his occupation as "rapper, self-employed," but could not successfully name his ethnicity or weight. Here's Lil' Chico's mugshot. -- Arielle Castillo

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