Andrew W.K. I Get Wet 33 1/3 Author Tried Selling Books at the Swap Shop, Here's What Happened

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At least this guy read the book.

Author Phillip Crandall made his way into the Swap Shop last Saturday at 6 a.m. It was still dark outside and humid as he set up a table in his little rented area. Even at the crack of dawn, there was a long line of people down Sunrise Boulevard.

When we spoke to Crandall last February, he had just published a book in the popular 33 1/3 series on Andrew W.K.'s I Get Wet. Over the background sounds of the International Noise Conference at Churchill's Pub, Crandall told us, "I had two dreams, if I was promoting this book. One was a release party, and the other was to set up a parking spot at the Swap Shop, and I'm going to do it. I want to put a blanket out, set a table up, and sell the book at the Swap Shop."

Finally, a year later, both dreams came true. Well, mostly.

The release party took place at Radio-Active Records in Fort Lauderdale not long after we spoke. Andrew W.K. Skyped in to be a part of the party fun. Crandall's Swap Shop experience though, wasn't quite as much of a success.

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Gay Country Star Steve Grand: "The Fight for Full LGBT Equality Is Still Very Much Ahead of Us"

Categories: Q&A

Alana Mulford

In 2013, Steve Grand became a viral sensation when he released the music video for his single "All-American Boy." It featured a bonfire, a party, hot girls, some beers, and a poppy, feel-good country song. But the direction of the video shifts, and you realize that Grand doesn't really have a crush on the girl-next-door. He's more interested in the guy that likes the girl-next-door.

Grand was an overnight star. And just like that, a new face representing the LGBT community emerged. He appeared on Good Morning America, played alongside Melissa Etheridge and Deborah Cox at various pride events, and funded his entire debut album via Kickstarter. (He's still making gifts for backers, but more on that later).

After two years of creating a solid fan-base, Grand is releasing his debut album, All-American Boy, on March 24. But this Saturday, you can catch the country star at Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale. We spoke with the musician about issues related to the gay community, drawing pictures of his fans, and who inspires him.

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Fort Lauderdale Drummer Steve Kleisath Set Mario Bros. World Record

Categories: Talking Shit

Steve Kleisath (pictured right) is the proud owner of a world record.
Lately, one local musician, Steve Kleisath (best known for his work behind the kit for pioneering emo group Further Seems Forever), has been making national headlines -- not for his stage antics, but rather for his exploits behind a gaming console. Last September, we mentioned that this locally-celebrated drummer had emerged as the second highest ranked Mario Bros. player in the world (scoring 3,784,050 points on the original Mario Bros. game, the second highest score ever, as by video game world record-tracking website Twin Galaxies). Well he's kept that momentum going. It was announced on January 5, that he was no longer second fiddle, but, in fact, the top scoring player of the game in the world.

Yes, Kleisath sits alone atop the Mario Bros. charts. He amassed an incredibly impossible score of 5,424,920 on the classic arcade version of the game, as verified by Twin Galaxies, of course.

Between touring and gaming, Kleisath also finds time to host local old-school gaming night Retro Arcade Night, which is set to become a monthly event now at Oakland Park's arcade game mecca, Arcade Game Sales. We spoke with him last week to find out how it feels to sit atop of the Mario Bros. throne and see if he is ultimatly replacing the drum stick for the joystick.

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Decades of Bass Reunites South Florida's Legendary Drum 'n' Bass DJs

Categories: Local Music

Photo courtesy of Dale Nibbe
Element, Kingyatta, Randolph, and B Boy Roy livin' it up in the '90s.
Drum 'n' bass is making a weird comeback lately, which is great news for South Florida, since we were basically the cradle of all things grimy in the premillennial USA.

"Beat Camp was really influential," Dale Nibbe, AKA Element, says of the popular, late-'90s/early-aughts party that blew up Mission on South Beach every Thursday night. "Up until that point, the D'n'B scene was really small. We'd play the raves and stuff like that, but it was still very small. And when Beat Camp came around, the Miami scene in general really started to blow up."

It's a place and time heralded by bass junkies as a golden era: when the music was ugly, the vibe was raw, and the Mission was the spot to be. The hottest DJs of the period had a blast, but they hung up their hats quite a while ago, until now.

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Five Things to Do Under $5 This Weekend

Categories: Five Under $5

Michele Eve Sandberg

5. Thursday Sound Series Featuring Lather Up and Alligator Wine
8 p.m. Thursday, January 29, at Stache, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. No cover. Visit Facebook.
Stache will be opening its doors to some funk on Thursday night to start the weekend out right. Lather Up, a jazzy trio hailing from the Heavy Pets, will be jamming with the bluesy Alligator Wine, featuring Nico from the Funky Nuggets. As for drinks, we can't promise any alligator-themed booze, but there will be $5 old-fashioneds and beers. There's no cover, so enjoy the music and funny animal monikers for free.

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Iko-Iko's Graham Drout: "I'm Being Dubbed the New Willie Dixon!"


No matter that he's been awake some 36 hours straight, Graham Drout finds himself traveling the roads of America's Deep South, symbolically following in the footsteps of many of his blues idols. He's working his way back from Memphis, where his band Iko-Iko ably represented the South Florida Blues Society in the 2015 International Blues Challenge. "I can hear the ocean in my head," he swears as that endless highway brings him closer to home.

Despite the fact that Iko-Iko wasn't given the opportunity to advance to the finals, Drout still finds reason to be proud. According to him, the band still managed to make a favorable impression, and its new album, Bullets in the Bonfire Vol. 1, has climbed to the top of the blues polls in the weeks since its release. The chance to network with DJs, promoters, and other performers during the group's stay in Memphis made the time spent there a profitable experience.

"Winston Churchill said, 'Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm,'" Drout recalls, turning philosophical. "We had to win to get there, so in reality, we arrived having already won."
Drout has good cause for optimism. "I'm being dubbed 'The new Willie Dixon' in the blues press," the singer/guitarist proclaims. "All you need is one reviewer to say it and the rest will cut and paste me into the history books."

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Bluejay Discusses Its Changing Sound and Performing at Stache, Its "Second Home"

Categories: Interview

Gil Bitton photography

The members of Bluejay moved back to Miami from Tallahassee in 2012 after finishing school as a pretty much acoustic alt-folk band. But after playing live more frequently and with an increasingly wide variety of other bands, their sound grew in significant ways.

"The musical and artistic climate of Miami has opened up a world of possibilities," explains singer and guitarist Jay Thomas of this evolution. "New experience has the possibility to offer new musical forms," he says.

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Boston Pops' Keith Lockhart: "A Conductor Is a Lot Like a Football Coach"

Photo by Stu Rosner
Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart, with his game face on.

"A conductor is a lot like a football coach," explains Keith Lockhart, conductor of the Boston Pops.

Football comes up a lot in the conversation, probably because his beloved New England Patriots are days away from playing in the Super Bowl but also because of what he sees as obvious similarities.

"I'm the person who calls the plays. I help keep a solid beat and get people 75 feet apart to be synchronized. You can say, 'Who needs a conductor?' But you can also say, 'Who needs a football coach?' until you see the players running in 11 different directions."

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Hypoluxo Returns From New York for Radio-Active Records Show

Categories: Interview

Benjamin Bockrath

Hypoluxo is a band on the move.

Born on the mean streets of Lake Worth and currently based in New York, the young indie rockers have already completed two excellent EPs -- It's a Beautiful Day to Leave and Feelings -- that they will promote with an East Coast tour beginning February 2 at Radio-Active Records in Fort Lauderdale.

Samuel Cogen, the band's singer and guitarist, explained Hypoluxo's origins to New Times. "I was playing bass with a few other local bands [Novajoven and Paleo Eskimo]. I started playing guitar on the side. Never performing in public or in a band. But I wanted to develop the songs."

Conveniently, he ran into an old drummer pal, Marco Ocampo, on a sojourn to Tennessee for Bonnaroo, where they quickly bonded and decided to make music together. Inconveniently, Ocampo was moving to New York.

But what's a thousand miles between friends and musical soulmates?

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Inner Circle on Culture Room Show: "Gonna Give Them That Jamaica Heat"

Categories: Concert Preview

Inner Circle and Chronixx

The late, great Jacob "Killer" Miller said, "Dreadlocks can't live in a tenement yard." He was sick of nosy neighbors messing with his vibe. Just as the world could relate to his words then, it still can today.

That's why Inner Circle has made the song "Tenement Yard" a hit once again, teaming up with Chronixx, the 22-year-old son of reggae singer Chronicle and recent Tonight Show musical guest.

Inner Circle is a group of reggae pioneers, going back to the original birth of the sound. By the time they made hits of "Bad Boys" and "Sweat (A La La La La Long)" they'd already been in the game 20 years. And now they're coming to a club near you, Culture Room, with Spred the Dub, Wraps N Kush, and Bushwood. Here's what founding bass player Ian Lewis said about how the band first met Jacob Miller, making music, and legalizing marijuana.

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