Lisa "Noodles" Hayden-Gordon's Car Found in Water at Cooley's Landing Marina

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Andrea Richard
Police tow Lisa's car out of the water.

Reported by Andrea Richard

Lisa "Noodles" Hayden-Gordon's car was dredged out of the waterway behind Cooley's Landing Marina at about 1:35 p.m. on Friday, February 27. Using the boat ramp, Westway Towing pulled the mud-covered vehicle from the water. According to Fort Lauderdale Detective Tracy Figone, the company assisted with the search for her car.

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‪Friends Still Searching for Lisa "Noodles" Hayden-Gordon a Month After She Disappeared

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Noodles is still missing.
If you see her, contact the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

Update: It's been confirmed that Lisa's car was found at Cooley's Landing Marina. There is a body inside the vehicle, but police will not confirm whose it is.

When Fort Lauderdale musician and piano teacher, Lisa "Noodles" Hayden-Gordon, was reported missing, her family, friends, and the South Florida music community quickly responded by launching an extensive search. They posted tirelessly on social media, created, and distributed flyers around downtown Fort Lauderdale asking for any new information on her whereabouts. She was last seen around 1 a.m. on Saturday, January 24, 2015.

Teajay Smith, photographer and longtime friend, was hanging out with Noodles the night before she disappeared. "She came over to comfort me about some anxiety I was having. We talked for about three and half hours and may have talked about every love we'd ever had," she recalls, also saying that Noodles didn't appear to be distressed at the time and was saving her money for a summer road trip.

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West Palm Musician Keelan O'Carroll Helps People Through the Power of Music

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Thomas Pinyati
Live shot

Florida native Keelan O'Carroll has known he wanted to make music since he was a 16-year-old kid, locked away in his room teaching himself to play guitar and pouring out all his teenage angst into lyrics.

Although music was always a passion, the West Palm musician only became serious about making his mark on the South Florida music scene about three years ago when he started putting the pieces of newly released EP, Words, together. He says that it offers a good idea of what he's been doing for the past 16 years. "I was writing, and some of the stuff that I recorded was newer and some of it was those ideas and things from when I was 16," he explains.

This Irish Floridian is more interested in the impact his songs have on others than on the sexier side of being a performing musician. When asked why he loves what he does he had a heartfelt answer. "Music has done so much for me throughout my life. Really, I just wanted to be able to give something back," and he's all about helping others with his words. Speaking of his track "Words" he explained, "It's all about the power of what we say and how we can build people up or tear people down."

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Boots, aka Jordy Asher, Premiers Short Film Motorcycle Jesus

Eliot Lee Haze
Jordy Asher is super big time.

Lately, there is no local musician that typifies the "local boy made good" idea more than Broward County native Jordy Asher. Dude has seriously hit the big time since moving to New York City a few years back. He's been known to County Grind readers for quite a while for his work with such sonic forces as Blonds, Young Circles, Blond Fuzz and Stonefox. But on the national level, Asher came out of seemingly nowhere to produce and write a significant portion of Queen Bey's impressive 2013 effort Beyonce. Not many people we know go from playing local dives in Lake Worth one minute to, in a matter of months, landing on the credits of the album from one of the music industry's biggest players.

Under the new nom de plume Boots, Asher quickly caught the world's attention. Who was this mysterious producer with the great footwear? Although somewhat begrudgingly, Boots' identity was unveiled (in part due to our recognition of his hirsute mug on one of Boots promo shots). Asher has really branched out since his work with Beyonce (for which he earned an Album of the Year Grammy), working with such a diverse range of artists as Run the Jewels, FKA Twigs, and Autolux.

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David Cronenberg Talks About His New Film, Maps to the Stars

Categories: Film and TV

Courtesy of Le Pacte Films
Mia Wasikowska in Maps to the Stars

Celebrities are flesh, David Cronenberg would say. Maps to the Stars, the latest film from the cult director, paints a grim picture behind the veneer of celebrity, but it also probes deep below the surface to explore damaged people in search of validity through speciousness.

Maps to the Stars follows a family of Hollywood archetypes disrupted by the appearance of an interloper (Mia Wasikowska), whose face and arms are mutilated by a childhood fire. She is Agatha, the sister of 13-year-old child star Benjie Weiss (Evan Bird), who is fresh out of rehab and hooked on energy drinks. Benjie's mother, a archetypal stage mother (Olivia Williams), pushes him to get back work on a sequel for a schlocky comedy hit called Bad Babysitter. His father (John Cusack) is a new-age sage who has his own TV show and offers private sessions that combine reflexology and Jungian psychoanalysis.

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SunFest Announces Impressive 2015 Lineup With Pixies, Kaskade, Wilco, ScHoolboy Q

Categories: Music Festivals

Kaskade is gonna make SunFest that much kooler.

West Palm Beach's annual five-day downtown cultural jamboree, SunFest, returns in 2015 with what we can honestly call an impressive lineup.

Each year (for 33 years), the list of performers serves to satisfy the tastes of more than just the 20- to 25-year old raver crowd. Organizers always are clever about who they book. Since the crowd's demographic includes every age from babies to great-grandparents, the acts reflect all ages and tastes that attend, including the youngest millennials.

This year, though, it seems SunFest has done a particularly interesting job with its list of musicians. Click on to make some impressive-sounding sounds while reading the full register.

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Five Things to Do Under $15 This Weekend

Categories: Things To Do

Staton Carter
Don't miss this palefaced duo at Dada.

5. Paleface at Dada with special guest David K
10:15 p.m. Thursday, February 26, at Dada, 52 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach. No cover. Visit Facebook.
Grammy winner Beck's former roommate Paleface comes back to play in a living room setting at one of his regular stomping grounds, Delray's chic and delicious restaurant bar Dada. Accompanying him is his long time girlfriend and bandmember Mo who'll be playing the drums and doing backup vocals. Indie with bluegrass undertones, Paleface is sure to please and keep your head bobbing all night long.

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DJ Adam Foster's Favorite House Tracks to Play this Month

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Adam Kaplan
Warning: Put on your dancing shoes before pressing play.

Adam Foster is a South Florida-based DJ and producer, founder of, and entertainment director for the Restaurant People. He was named best DJ of 2014 by New Times Broward-Palm Beach.

In the Booth is his new column about electronic music, DJ culture, and South Florida nightlife. Visit his Facebook and Soundcloud.

In the electronic and pop music worlds, there are always new, interesting songs that break through in popularity, despite odds against them. This is especially true now that the internet has democratized what we listen to and what then eventually makes it to the radio. For example, Disclosure's "Latch" featuring Sam Smith was first released in early 2012 but didn't become a major hit here in the U.S. until the summer of 2014.

In the club world, there's also a constant recycling of songs. Songs that were hits years ago, became ubiquitous, forgotten about, then resurrected by an artist or producer who samples the tune or steals a verse or remixes it into something new. Right now, you can hear this trend in all the new deep house and nu disco tracks built out of '90s R&B and hip-hop classics.

So, in this monthly list of songs that I like playing right now at gigs, you'll hear remixes and ones that are representative of the current trends in sound design and production. Two years ago, a hit dance track would have a huge, festival ready build-up and drop (think Swedish House Mafia), but this year, its more likely to have a smaller sound, more intimate vocals, jacking house beats, and a huge baseline (think Oliver Heldens, Kiesza, Disclosure, Clean Bandit).

With no further ado, here are the top ten tracks I'm excited about playing this month. Hope you find something you like.

Read other "In the Both" entries here.

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Girls Rock Camp Miami Seeks to Inspire Young Women by Teaching Them to Rock

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Jim Hall/
Emile Milgrim is a powerful lady drummer.

There is a commanding, outwardly visible shift that starts to happen to a Girls Rock Camp attendee. It takes place somewhere around midweek. Terminal shyness, remnants of self-doubt, and any sour notes start to fade as more important things like song structure, sisterhood, and powerful stage swagger gain significance.

"If you can take on a new instrument, you can take on anything in the world!" musician Steph Taylor professes convincingly. She's working with fellow musician and Sweat Records' Emile Milgrim to bring a South Florida version of Girls Rock Camp into fruition this summer.

Taylor's father showed her every song by the Beatles on piano, songs that she picked up and played at an obsessive rate while still in grade school. This helped strengthen her as a person and musician. Now, Taylor wants area girls to know that same wonderful feeling.

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Motown: The Musical Offers Spectacular Performances Despite Berry Gordy's Half-Told Tale

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Joan Marcus, compliments of Broadway Across America

Surely there should be a certain trepidation about Berry Gordy's Motown: The Musical, since it is based on the famed founder's 1994 book To Be Loved: The Music, the Magic, the Memories of Motown. Motown's story is not an easy one to tell and has further been complicated by some rather unflattering interpretations of Gordy in the past. Those were probably the catalyst for creating this production.

Gordy knew what he was doing then, and he knows what he is doing now. Taking the story for what it is, Gordy manages to depict himself in a fairly positive light. Even the one moment of impotence he chose to share from a personal recollection of intimacy with Diana Ross serves as a humanizing point for the man.

In other words, the story line will not please everyone, and it certainly leaves a lot of the label's history off the table. That said, the production recently wrapped up its original Broadway run this past January, and the cast performing it at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts did a phenomenal job with the music and choreography, which are the real reasons for seeing this musical in the first place.

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