Gavin DeGraw, Matt Nathanson - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - July 30

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Joshua Stronko via Hard Rock Live

Pop-rock singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw has been putting out music since 2003 when his hit "I Don't Want To Be" became the theme song of primetime soap One Tree Hill. His first album Chariot kept him on the map with various hits like "Follow Through" and "I Don't Want To Be." Now over a decade later, DeGraw is still going strong, putting on energetic live shows for new and dedicated fans alike.

To celebrate the release of his fifth studio album, Make A Move, DeGraw is touring with fellow headliner and rocker Matt Nathanson and opener Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness. The tour is a testosterone packed event that "rocked our socks off" just like McMahon promised the crowd it would at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood last night.

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Six Other Reasons Orlando Bloom Might Punch Justin Bieber

Categories: Bieber Fever

George Martinez

About two nights back in balmy Ibiza, Orlando Bloom attempted to deck pop star Justin Bieber in the face. The swing, regrettably, did not connect.

The hullabaloo started when young Bieber yelled, "Yo, Orlando Bloom, I fucked your girl" to the elfin pirate of the Caribbean outside a popular restaurant, Cipriani. Mr. Steal-Yo-Girl then proceeded to serve Bloom a double helping of harshbrowns by having his bodyguard block the blow. The Biebs then posted a photo of Bloom being a crybaby on Instagram, quickly removing it, but not before the whole internet got a screenshot. The world keeps turning.

The details aren't important. What is important is that the internet has a new hero. Great kudos are due to Mr. Bloom for his valiant effort. While wishing harm on another human being isn't exactly "in good taste," there are plenty of reasons Orlando should want to slug Justin Bieber. Being hangry in Ibiza is only one. If after reading this list, Legolas decides to ante up for round two, we promise to look the other way.

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The Baboons Showcases New Album at Hollywood ArtsPark

Categories: Interview

Photographer Isaac Rodriguez

If you aren't familiar with the Baboons, one way to describe the Miami band's music is by saying they play a little bit of just about everything. The group enjoys experimenting with and exploring the sounds of a variety of local and international cultures. The Baboons recently even did a stint showcasing its worldly sounds as the house band on Fusion Live, the network's primetime program.

The group got its start in Fort Lauderdale at a spot called Squeeze where Mano Pila, percussionist and songwriter of the band, threw together some improvisational instrumentalists and combined music with poetry. That night was the first performance for the Baboons, a group of all guys, jamming out wildly like a bunch of well, baboons. When current lead singer and co-songwriter Majica was invited to come out to see the dudes perform, she quickly got involved. About 20 years later, Majica and Mano are married with two small children and still performing together. The two also host WDNA, 88.9 FM's Global Gumbo with Majica & Mano P.

After a very long hiatus from Broward, the band is returning for a very special show at Hollywood's ArtsPark where it'll be previewing its newest album in its entirety. And to think, the Baboons' first album, Evolution, won best album from New Times. Talk about endurance. Before this Saturday's show, we spoke with the musical duo about everything Baboons.

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Musicians on Sports: Ian Hammond on Why He's a Huge Fan of Greek Soccer

Compliments Ian Hammond
Chilling with Charlie Pickett, repping Olympiakos F.C.

Speaking with musicians about sports has been loads of fun, but for those who know me and know my obsession with fĂștbol, also know that for a long time now, local legend Ian Hammond and I have maintained a rolling conversation about the sport. Aside from being part of some of South Florida's better rocking outfits like R.A.F. and the D.T. Martyrs, Hammond's also been known to rock the leads on stage with Charlie Pickett.

More than respecting him as a musician with incredible reach and pedigree, I've routinely enjoyed ribbing him about his love for one of Greece's most successful clubs, Olympiakos F.C. I had a chance to speak with Ian about Olympiakos and Greece's showing in this past World Cup without ever mentioning to him that the only club worth following in the Greek Super League is Asteras Tripolis.

Lord knows I'll get an angry call for that barb. Keep an eye out for his upcoming album Proud Flesh.

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Mad Decent Block Party Video: Twerking, Tweaking, and Florida's Own DJ Remedy

Categories: Festival Days

Ian Witlen

Last Saturday was the Mad Decent label's second annual block party at Revolution Live. Lord have mercy, the thing was packed! This was the first date on a pretty large US tour for the Diplo-headed bass fest. And the photos don't lie, Florida freaking loves its bass.

The lineup included Riff Raff, Action Bronson, Zeds Dead, Dillon Francis, and even Florida DJ and producer Remedy. Mid-concert, we made our way through the dense and dancing crowd to speak with him about the perks of the experiencing the block party right here in SoFla. Videographer James Argyropoulos got the scoop and caught the crowd in action.

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Jen Kirkman on Her Standup, You're Gonna "Love It, Love It, Love It"

Categories: Comedy

Robyn Von Swank
On a scale from one to Jen...we give her a Jen.

Like the rest of us in this sick, sad world, Jen Kirkman has a main gig and a few on the side. Except her main gig is awesome. She's a staff writer on Chelsea Lately and her weekends are spent touring the country with her solid standup act.

But wait, there's more! Kirkman is also a New York Times bestselling author -- ranting about not wanting to have kids in I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself. Through a bevy of outlets, the one in which she gets most personal is her podcast, I Seem Fun. Unlike other talk show podcast formats, Jen just sits in a room by herself with a microphone. Her ramblings have garnered her a cult following though she maintains a mainstream streak. Before Jen comes to the improv this Friday, we chatted about writing for Chelsea, the second book slump, and why she was begging to come back to West Palm.

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Vans Warped Tour 2014: Former Mayday Parade Frontman Jason Lancaster Calls Touring Solo, "a Lot Cleaner"

Categories: Q&A, Warped Tour


Although a couple artists have had disastrous results from when they decide to go solo (Ginger Spice, anyone?), former lead singer of Mayday Parade and Go Radio, Jason Lancaster, seems to be doing just fine. Lancaster recently released his first solo album, As You Are, is expecting a son, and has more time to indulge in hobbies.

At this year's West Palm Beach stop on the Vans Warped Tour, we sat down with the singer to talk about family, his newest release, and the differences between touring solo and with a band.

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Yes to Perform at Hard Rock Live Hollywood This Friday

Categories: Concert Preview


There's nothing quite so admirable as a group that not only survives, but thrives. So credit Yes with the wherewithal to continue building its brand some 45 years after it first formed.

Indeed, Yes' progressive profile remains as prominent as ever. Its new album, Heaven & Earth, deserves placement alongside Fragile, Close to the Edge, and any of the other releases that not only followed, but are still performed in their entirety as part of its current concert repertoire.

Even the loss of former frontman Jon Anderson hasn't weakened the band's resolve. His successor, Jon Davison, not only sings with the same choirboy precision, but even boasts a similar name.

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Millionyoung Premieres Materia Tonight in Miami

Categories: Heads Up

Just in time for the remaining lazy days of summer comes Materia. It's the newest, breezy, leisurely-paced electro effort by Coral Springs' Millionyoung. The EP comes out today on Brooklyn-based Old Flames Records and already received considerable blog love.

Millionyoung, and its creator Mike Diaz, is no stranger to the affection of music blogs of course, considering its first home-produced foray, Sunndreamm, caught the attention of discerning music arbitrators Pitchfork and Gorilla vs Bear, with little to no publicity push. Posted simply on Millionyoung's Tumblr, the record's hazy vocals and mid-tempo flow won over the hearts of music fans far and wide. It's led to Milionyoung being one of the first acts branded with the tongue-in-cheeck "chillwave" trademark.

Materia does nothing to detract from the relaxed vibes either. Its blissful atmospheric production comes off,well, as cool as sipping on a frozen concoction in the sweltering Florida sun.

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I The Mighty Discusses Vans Warped Tour's "No Mosh" Rule

Categories: Q&A, Warped Tour


The annual Vans Warped Tour is not only a chance to reconnect with your inner awkward punk teen but it's also a good opportunity to get exposed to new music you can add to your Spotify playlists. This year, it just so happened that we discovered San Francisco's I the Mighty.

During their set, we witnessed lead singer Brent Walsh yell into the mic with gusto, "I want to see you guys jump. Jump with us!" There wasn't much of a difference in the crowd or fan base from other groups; it consisted mostly of screaming teenaged fans clad in black experiencing puppy love. However, the music was definitely harder and less of a happy, poppy sound than bands like the Maine (which we interviewed also). I The Mighty played new songs like "Love Your Sin" and older ones like "The Dreamer," which provoked a mini mosh pit. Walsh even got up-close and personal with fans by crowd surfing. The bearded frontman sang while numerous music-hungry fans groped him.

We sat down with Walsh, guitarist Ian Pedigo, and bassist Chris Hinkley to discuss Warped's no-mosh-pit rule and playing two sets a day.

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