Breast in Peace at Radio-Active Records This Saturday with Live Music and Pink Vinyl


It's Breast Cancer Awareness month, and you know, dear readers, that saving tatas is a cause we can really get behind. In all seriousness, breast cancer is one of the most curable forms of cancer. About one in eight American women will develop it in their lifetimes and nearly 100 percent of women diagnosed in the early stages can be treated and cured.

If you are like us, you probably find yourself not having the proper dapper suit or enough coin to get inside one of the plethora of Pink Ribbon luncheons taking place in Palm Beach and Broward counties this month. But the great folks over at Radio-Active Records have a way for real people like us to contribute with Breast in Peace.

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Arts Garage Launches Women's Theater Project

Lauren Gunderson

Since the beginning of live theater, women have gotten a raw deal. For an embarrassingly long time, from the ancient Greek to the English Renaissance period, women couldn't even take the stage to play women. Cross-dressing men took those roles -- a tradition that continues today in Japanese Kabuki theater.

Recent studies have suggested that despite its myriad punctures, a theatrical glass ceiling remains intact. A study in U.K.'s The Guardian that exhaustively surveyed the 2012-13 English theater season found a persistent two-to-one male-to-female ratio, from the actors onstage to the playwrights commissioned to the executives in charge. Narrowing its focus strictly to playwriting, the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative found in a 2011 study that just one in five plays produced on Los Angeles-area stages was written by a woman. Similar numbers appeared two years earlier in a town hall discussion at the playwriting hub New Dramatists in New York.

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Lil' Kim -- the Real Queen Bee -- Performs Saturday at the Manor in Wilton Manors

Categories: Concert Preview


Everyone is so busy with their highfalutin proclamations of bad bitchery that they seem to have forgotten about the original bad bitch of hip-hop, Lil' Kim.

While the planet is seemingly caught in an infinite feedback loop of kvetching and swooning in equal measure about Nicki Minaj's outrageous behavior and body modifications, we must not forget how integral Lil' Kim was in forging that particular bit, a bit Minaj essentially bit directly from Lil' Kim.

Truly, the self-proclaimed "Queen Bitch" herself is the Beatles of outrageous women in the game. For those of you who have lost touch, forgotten, or failed to recognize the alpha that is Lil' Kim, let's consider a few things.

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Rick Ross and Young Jeezy Sued by BET Awards Security Guard

Categories: News

Wikimedia Commons, via thecomeupshow
Officer Ricky on his 2014 Mastermind tour.
Around 7 p.m. on September 19, 2012, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross got into an argument backstage at the BET Awards in Atlanta. The war of words quickly turned into a massive altercation involving the Atlanta and Broward residents' respective cliques. But while it was reported that violence spread to the parking lot and might have even led to shots fired, a new lawsuit alleges that chaos unfurled throughout the backstage area, resulting in the injury of a security worker.

According to the complaint, "a large crowd of people charged through a door that was situated beside Plaintiff, in an attempt to escape a fight between the employees, friends and entourage of Jay Jenkins and the employees, friends, and entourage of William Leonard Roberts II, aka Rick Ross."

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Respectable Street Celebrates Its 27th Anniversary This Saturday

Categories: Concert Preview

Monica McGivern

By Olivia Feldman

Bring your black T's, tight jeans, and a few extra packs of American Spirit cigarettes: Respectable Street is celebrating 27 years of debauchery, dancing, and drunkenness with another blowout block party. And you're cordially invited.

The Respectable Street staff knows how much its patrons love the combination of live music venue and super-stomped-upon dance floor, so this Saturday it will offer an open bar from 8 to 9 p.m. and free pizza (you read that correctly). There will be a Ping-Pong ball blast at midnight for a chance to win cash and prizes, along with 27 bands performing on five stages.

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Against All Authority's Joe Koontz Reinvented as One-Man Band MC1

Reinvention usually makes you think of the chameleonic, the sham, the put-on, the need to reassess to remain relevant -- negative connotations. Reinvention is, though, closer to rebirth in many instances, a chance for someone to evolve, not completely change but, in a way, improve.

It is those who reinvent while retaining authorship and identity who fare better than others. For many growing up in South Florida during the mid- to late '90s, ska-punk powerhouse Against All Authority was a way of life. Like the UK/DK documentary did for a generation of second-wave British punkers, AAA, or Triple A as the locals know them, were the diving bell by which to fully comprehend the nuances of punk, ska, and hardcore and how they were, for a brilliant moment, one and the same.

From their humble beginnings out of a Goulds warehouse affectionately referred to as the "Butt Hut" and on to global success, guitarist Joe Koontz knows a thing or two about the limelight in the underground. Now in 2014, he has been reborn as a one-man band known now as MC1, which performed last weekend at the Poorhouse. We had the chance to speak with him about a ton of stuff, including the challenges of being a one-man band, building his own equipment, AAA, and playing guitar while Cuban.

See also: Miami's Ten Best Punk Guitarists of All Time

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The Art World Finds a New Home in Broward County

Sølve Sundsbø

Two years ago, anyone who invited their friends to Artwalk in FAT Village would have gotten a few blank stares. Just one year ago, you couldn't have signed up for an arduino, AKA robotics, class at Makers Square, a communal tool shop where circus music blares in the background.

But now, Miami has snagged serious international art-world cred with the annual Art Basel Miami Beach, and cultural opportunities spawned from it have crept northward. Some art professionals are making the pilgrimage here because rent and studio spaces cost less than those in the 305. That gives Broward, the attention-starved misfit, its time to shine.

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New Times Is Looking for Freelance Journalists

Categories: Help Wanted

Photo by Antonio Litterio via Wikipedia Commons
New Times Broward-Palm Beach is looking for freelance journalists to write for our news blog, the Daily Pulp. Ideal candidates will have experience in journalism and be based in Broward or Palm Beach counties. Applicants should have solid news judgment and knowledge of current events. They should be able to discover relevant local stories, report hard news, and meet deadlines.

Interested candidates, please send a résumé and three clips to:

No phone calls, please.

J Rand, Local Singer, Resolves Lawsuit Against Jamie Foxx and 2 Chainz

Categories: News

Photo by George Martinez

It must be pretty dope for a young, up-and-coming artist to suddenly hear a song he laid down lyrics for and sang on pop up on the radio.

Not as dope?

When the very same song suddenly pops up on the radio and, instead of the up-and-coming artist, already-established artists Jamie Foxx and 2 Chainz are singing on it.

Yet that is precisely the scenario local artist J Rand found himself in.

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Five Great Reasons to Fall in Love with Peter Frampton

Categories: Bangers


Peter Frampton was once a proper heartthrob who made women absolutely melt when encountering his golden locks, tender love songs, and winning smile -- just ask my mom.

However, Frampton has always been a champion of the guitar beyond anything else, as is evident by the fretboard histrionics that have punctuated just about everything the venerable Brit has ever released. Lest we forget that he was once -- prior to his rise to success as the indisputable king of the live album format -- lead guitarist of one the most cutthroat (and underrated) units to ever lay siege to an audience, Humble Pie.

The guitarist and songwriter has dedicated most of his time in recent years to his Guitar Circus tours, and as anyone who's attended will tell you, if you're not sold on the hits, Frampton the guitarist makes the shows entirely worth the cost of admission. As we noted when reviewing a Guitar Circus show a few years back, the guitarist and songwriter has aged with an astounding amount of grace, particularly relative to the lion's share of his peers. Save for a tussle involving the tossing of a rude fan's cell phone this year, Frampton has managed to avoid any real scandal or embarrassing late-career crisis.

While many artists accustomed to the gargantuan success Frampton has enjoyed have been tempted to make the recorded equivalent of hair plugs, Frampton has always kept it on point with a brilliant sense of humor and incredible chops. With another Frampton show around the corner, we can't help but ruminate on how wonderful Peter Frampton really is. The dude is really a treasure, and an underrated one at that. So, here are the top five reasons to fall in love with this legend.

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