Die Trying Has "Been at the Bottom, Trying to Get to the Top"

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Jossette VonShadow

Miami punk band Die Trying encourages sing-alongs at shows. Frontman and primary songwriter Tony Flores isn't sure you'll understand his lyrics, so take some time to learn them, and share the vocal spotlight. "You can join the band," he says, "because I think the mics are for everyone. We're all fucking equal." Whether or not his bandmates agree with this assessment of humanity is up for debate, but they all appreciate the enthusiasm he presents onstage.

For two years, the Oi the Boat-signed band has been performing around South Florida and recently returned from its third, longest, and most successful national tour. Members of the band are not neophytes, Shawn Perkins, Los Treces, Chris DeCastillo, and Charles Wynn, as well as Flores have played in other local acts like Hellhounds, Unit Six, F.A.T.E, and VCR.

Die Trying has one self-released EP, which it recorded live, and two 7-inch vinyls out on its label. Appropriately on the Fourth of July, Die Trying's song "On the Streets of MIA" was released as part of Voi!ce of America Vol.4 with label mates from around the country, Sniper 66, Concrete, and Hard Evidence. Just last week, the guys started working with No Peace for All's Rick Carmona on the next big project, taking more time to craft this, the group's second EP.

We met with guitarist Treces, bassist DeCastillo, and Flores at Churchill's Pub during a Wednesday night Treces throws, Vinyl Solutions, where you can bring and spin your own records (Take note!). Along with Nayra Serrano, the Hialeah native runs the booking company, Idle Hands, that handles shows at the classic Miami venue (Take note again!). We found that the three guys have a diversity of opinions on certain things, but definitely not their music.

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Hank Williams III is the Master of His Domain

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Hank Williams III, or Hank 3 as he's known is a bit of an anomaly. The iconic country legend's grandson and the son of a junior who's been part of America's consciousness whether they know it or not; Hank 3's never been a comfort-fit in them skins. No. On the contrary, he's not only forged ahead on the merits of his own talents, he's also done so without having to rely too heavily on the pedigree of his name.

Equally comfortable on a country drawl as he is fuckstarting some shit up with a metal/punk rock set. Hank 3 is a true performer. Now in his early forties, this enfant terrible of American rock and roll is not slowing down at all. He recognizes that he has fans who are drawn to him for a variety of reasons.

We've all been to many concerts where we have felt jibbed. Not at a Hank 3 gig. Oh no. As we had the pleasure of discussing, Hank goes on stage on time and rocks out for a minimum of four hours each night. That's way more freaking bang for your buck so make sure you shake his hand gently and stay on until the very end.

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Five Things to Do This Weekend Under $10

Categories: Five Under $5


5. B3BQ Bacon Beats BBQ
12 p.m., Sunday, at Harold's, 509 Northwood Rd., West Palm Beach. $5 cover. Visit Facebook.
What do bacon, art, and music have in common? All three will be intertwined in a beautiful ménage à trios of sorts this Sunday at Harold's in West Palm Beach. A mere 5 bones will provide you access to all the actual bones you can suck on. There will be barbecue and there will be bacon.

Alas, do not fear, veggie lovers, non-meat bacon will be available. Not hungry but still wanna slide on by? Your entry is free. Enjoy your time there with vendors, live art, and sounds by Konkrete Jungle South Florida, Audioplayground Entertainment, and Dub Recon. Add a side of faith to that grease with the SFLA Bacon Church. It will also be in attendance.

Add this to your calendar from here on out, because it's a reoccurring Sunday event.

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Rivers Debuts the Band and EP Today: "We're Shooting for the Moon"

Categories: Heads Up


Tonight is a big deal for Danny Brunjes and his crew. It marks the long awaited debut not only of his project, Rivers itself, but the band's first, eponymous release. Yeah, that's right, a double whammy. Friday is the act's first official gig, like ever. We don't remember any local group in recent memory attempting to pull something like this off. We wondered if Brunjes and his bandmates were nervous.

"Sure it feels a little risky," Brunjes told the New Times earlier this week while taking a break from his day job at FP&L. "We're shooting for the moon." In Rivers, Brunjes teams up with his former Under Every Green Tree bandmates, drummer Jon Wagner and bassist Brent Ray, and adds a new collaborator in guitarist Eric Blythe. Brunjes said all of them are more excited than nervous. The quartet is content with their final product and eager to see the public's reception.

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25 & Counting: Hollywood Native Turns Quarter-Life Crisis into a TV Show

Categories: TV Guide

Most aspiring screenwriters have probably closed their eyes and thought about it. Some random celebrity peels open the envelope while the crowd -- dressed in their finest tuxedos and gowns -- all hold their breath in anticipation. Finally, you hear it: your name.

You stand up, hug your significant other, and shimmy out of the aisle, doing your best to not step on Meryl Streep's toes. Most of those daydreaming screenwriters probably already have a half-written thank you speech bouncing around in their skull. Mom, dad, Jesus, etc.

If Rosie Darch ever finds herself up on that stage, she'll have to stare out over the crowd and give a heartfelt thanks to Bacardi Dragon Berry rum, her muse.

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Musicians Who've Taken Sides in Israel-Palestine Conflict

Sayre Berman

To us mere plebeians, social media is often a voyeuristic peek into the glamorous idiocy of celebrity. We get to see their endless slew of selfies, obtain a first glance at whatever new thing they are trying to sell us, and we can chuckle at their all caps, poorly written rants on subpar first class travel or their odes to quinoa.

However, the terrible violence and escalating death toll in Palestine and Israel have seen some celebs taking to social networking sites seriously to offer their thoughts on the crisis -- with mixed results. Rihanna and Selena Gomez quickly deleted or altered their tweets within minutes of posting last week, despite that fact neither were particularly controversial. Pearl Jam frontman, Eddie Vedder, was branded "anti-Israel" by the Jerusalem Post after comments he made about Israeli settlements. Vedder then took to the band's website to state, "Attempting to make a plea for more peace in the world at a rock concert ... is not something I'm going to stop any time soon."

This is not a recent phenomenon. Stars who have articulated their positions on the conflict in Israel and Palestine have received as much of the ire of their fans as they have their support. Here are a few.

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Heavy Pets' Big Homecoming at Funky Biscuit's Third Anniversary Tonight: "It's a Gem!"

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For as long as I've been of concert-going age, I've been a Heavy Pets fan. You never knew what to expect at the shows -- and there were many, almost weekly performances. You could be met with sprawling jams or tight, catchy songs. The only certain thing was your dancing feet wouldn't get a break.

And because of that hard work (the group's, not yours) its notoriety in the jam community grew and grew so that now the Heavy Pets is a tour-hardened, well-rounded powerhouse. As a festival darling, it has opened for some of the biggest acts in the scene all while displaying its own unique sound.

After a long stint on the road, the Pets' homecoming involves a gig at the third anniversary party for Boca Raton's Funky Biscuit on Thursday July 24. This awesome little venue in a bit of an unlikely spot will spend the next three days in full jam, blues, and rock swing. The Biscuit has hosted many of the top jam bands in the country and has a very comforting vibe; we wish it well as it ages.

Guitarist and vocalist, Jeff Lloyd, chatted with us about what he's been up to lately, offered a bit of insight into why the band releases EPs instead of LPs, and shared some things it has in store for the near future.

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Hannah Georgas' Calls Girls Using Her Song "an Honor" and MC Hammer Her Guilty Pleasure

Categories: Interview

photographer Jack Alexander
Hannah Georgas

The Canadian indie singer-songwriter, Hannah Georgas, has been putting out some catchy-as-hell and simply lovely tunes since her 2009 release, The Beat Stuff. She even toured as part of the Lilith Fair revival back in 2010. The Dine Alone Records' artist first caught a taste of the alt mainstream when her song Millions, off her last, eponymous album, closed out an episode of HBO's Girls. Not so oddly enough, it's a show she's absolutely addicted to.

Now this chanteuse is traveling with Sara Bareilles and Emily King for the Little Black Dress tour that hits the Hard Rock Live on June 25, for a night of music attuned with, well, those who don little black dresses.

In a recent interview, Georgas talked to us about getting tweeted at by Ms. Bareilles; the virtues of her hometown, Vancouver; and her guilty pleasures.

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Parkway Drive's Singer Is a Mellow Guy Who Makes Metalcore

Categories: Q&A, Warped Tour

Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive, a metalcore band from Australia hit the scene back in 2002. Since then they've come out with four studio albums and are currently writing new material for their fifth.

These heavy music-making Aussies are playing Warped Tour at Cruzan Amphitheatre this Saturday. We had the chance to speak with Winston McCall, the band's lead singer. Not your typical metal dude, Winston is more trad hardcore and lives the straight edge life. Being an Aussie, he of course loves to surf and has even graced the cover of Riptide Magazine.

Winston talked to us about bringing his wife along with him on tour and something about him that would surprise most of Parkway Drive's fans.

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The Fray - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - July 22

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The Fray brought out pop-rock in full force, with openers Oh Honey and Barcelona, and even a song about the Lord their God to Hard Rock Live in Hollywood last night.

Oh Honey warmed up the crowd with jokes about encountering gators, scary rides at Disney, and wanting people to stalk the band on Facebook like it's Justin Bieber. The band played its most popular song "Be Okay," and I was one of many in the audience who was left wanting to know more about this opening act. The group isn't a household name, and one of the band members joked, "We're going to play a new song. Well, if you've never heard of us before then these are all new, but this one is new for us."

After Oh Honey, Barcelona hit the stage with some heavy screaming, especially from a particular group of young girls in the front row who were most likely on the verge of fainting.

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