Sacred Steel Guitarist Roosevelt Collier on His Success: "It's a Thrill to Be on the Ride"

Categories: Interview

Alex Markow

Roosevelt Collier is a South Floridian through and through. The pedal steel guitarist, playing in the sacred steel tradition, gradually became a force of nature in the local jam community and his talents are now desired by some of the most famous musicians worldwide.

He first played gigs with his uncles and cousins in the Lee Boys, and then branched off for a solo career. He still finds time to jump on stage with plenty of heavy-hitters like Umphrey's McGee and Perpetual Groove. He puts his entire heart and soul into each song, making every one of them memorable.

With extensive touring and many festival appearances in 2014, it seems also that Collier is soon to be a huge national name with no state guarded against one of his patented "jambushes."

"This year has been pretty awesome," Collier admits. "The shows I've been able to be a part of have been incredible." He was on tour with the new saxophonist of the Rolling Stones, Karl Denson, and his outfit Tiny Universe. They had a string of nearly sold-out shows in Colorado and put on some history-making sets at Bear Creek right here in Florida.

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Five Things to Do Under $10 This Weekend

Categories: Five Under $5

Christina Mendenhall

5. Sith-Mas: Star Wars Christmas Cosplay Party
10 p.m., Friday, December 19, at District 15, 15 W. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. No cover. 21 and up. Visit Facebook.
May the force be with you this Friday at District 15's Sith-Mas event. The second annual Star Wars-themed Christmas party will feature dark beats spun by DJs LinderSMASH and Lorenzo DJ Kaos Fernandez and performaces by burlesque gals, hopefully all dressed like Princess Leia!

If Santa Claus and Darth Vader were able to procreate, this party would be their offspring. So what does one wear to this event? A sexy Santa suit with Darth Maul mask to confuse? Probably. We also like the idea of a Yoda adorned with Christmas lights and wreath hat.

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Ten Best Broward and Palm Beach County Albums of 2014

Categories: Best of 2014

Rich Aroma

It's that time of year again folks, when all us music critics get on our little soapboxes and decide what music was relevant or "worth it" in the past year. We are tastemakers, after all (at least in our minds), so crafting these year end lists is why we make the big bucks (ah, we jest).

We sifted through endless bins of padded manilla envelopes and sorted through thousands of emails to discern which Broward and Palm Beach County acts put out the best EPs and LPs in the past year. We know we still probably missed that one underground band playing warehouses in Davie that stands to be the next incarnation of Hüsker Dü. And chances are, we probably snubbed your personal favorite band too. We know. But them's the breaks, kids.

After attending to our bleeding ears -- you know, from listening to so many tunes -- we gathered together our ten personal favorite efforts of the year. There were some New Times mainstays, artists that made our list once again, but there many pleasant surprises in 2014, as well. Check out our list of the ten best local albums of the year and add your own in the comments, if you wish.

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The 2014 Gift Guide for Metalheads

Categories: Holiday Obscura

Sayre Berman

By Lauren Wise

Searching for the perfect gift for that music lover in your life isn't so difficult. However, trying to find the perfect gift for a metalhead is a bit more daunting. It's not that we're picky -- we just don't particularly value the commercialized side of our beloved genre. Therefore, the emerging market of heavy metal "gifts," short of albums or t-shirts, hasn't really ballooned until lately.

I've received some killer heavy metal gifts in my day -- Pantera Chucks, Zeppelin vinyl, a miniature model of Dimebag Darrell's Razorback lightning bolt guitar, Jimmy Page's memoir, spike-bedecked high heels that would make a dominatrix envious, a stripper pole courted with a handle of whiskey. Oh, and a vintage typewriter. You might not think that's very metal -- but it is badass to this heavy metal journalist.

So here's a list of gifts for the shredder or thrasher in your life, whether it's you significant other, father, sister, friend... or if you just want to scare the hell out of someone. Trust me, if you want to get that annoying chick to stop calling you, nothing says "red flag" like a documentary on satanic black metal.

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Kreepy Tiki's 2014 Holiday Bash with Octo Gato, the Shakers, and More

Categories: Concert Preview


With a furry maritime shtick that has arguably one of the better band logos going in South Florida, Octo Gato is a delicious mix of punk and surf rock. While it might be easy to cite any outfit that's ever heard Link Wray or Dick Dale or even spent way too many afternoons spinning old Agent Orange or Surf Punks platters, Octo Gato brings it together with the swag of a cute kitten that enjoys a heavy session of shokushu goukan.

It's easy to picture these guys as extras on one of the zanier episodes of The Love Boat drying Isaac Washington's bar. It would be easy to dismiss the leis and day-glo approach to life too, but Octo Gato brings the sounds out with chutzpah and that underlying energy that made those silly beach movies of yesteryear so fun to watch.

See also: Octo Gato Creates a Cat-Inspired Superhero for "Superpuss" Video

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Most WTF Florida Music Moments of 2014

Categories: Heads Up

Miami-Dade Corrections

Enough with the Florida jokes, America. We get it. We come across as a little trashy on the internet.

Yeah, we give our sexual predators $3 million lottery checks and occasionally store crack pipes in our butts. And sure, we have a perpetual hankering for some home-cooked meth and Colombia's finest nose candy. But we like to think of our approach to crime as creative. And as far as the drugs, if you don't like to party, you don't have to come over.

What follows here are some of the most WTF music moments that took place in our sunny state in 2014. You might say with a shiver when reading them: "What the F, Florida?" But when we locals reminisce about our crazy times, we think, "Aw, baby. You so crazy." And then take a hearty bump and keep on dancing. Here it goes.

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Ten Best Holiday Albums of 2014

Categories: Holiday Obscura


It's a holiday tradition as etched into our memories as a well festooned Christmas tree or a Hanukkah bush, as intrinsic to our celebrations as a spinning dreidel or the stockings hung on the mantle, presumably with care. We're referring of course to the annual barrage of holiday albums featuring the old seasonal standards and brand new songs penned about the wintery season.

Frankly, many of them truly suck. They're just painful. Trust us, we listened to a lot of them to compile this list. Fortunately though, 2014 had a few occasional gems that transcend the norm and actually provide the possibility of pleasant listening year round.

Here are ten examples of new holiday releases definitely worth discovering.

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Michael Franti Pens Song in Miami About Police Brutality Protests

Categories: Interview

Jon Callas via Flickr CC
Franti in 2011

In the first two weeks of December, Michael Franti was recording in Miami -- the same time as protests were breaking out around the country over the lack of indictments for police killing unarmed black men.

In response, he was inspired to write the song "Same as it Ever Was (Start Today)" -- a one-off that Franti is releasing on iTunes outside of a record label. A video -- which he shot in California just last week -- will air on exclusively today, and then on YouTube.

[New Times was tipped off by our copy editor Keith Hollar, a longtime friend of Franti's who was hanging out with him in the studio when he wrote the song.]

Franti -- a mixed-race artist who has long been involved in social justice issues -- spoke to us from San Francisco about the song right before its release.

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Fleetwood Mac Heads to BB&T Center with Classic Lineup

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Since forming in London in 1967, British-American band Fleetwood Mac has been one of the most successful and recognizable outfits to emerge from the era and evolve since.

Could it be the soap-opera-like romances/divorces/affairs that have surrounded the core of its lineups, or is it drummer and founder Mick Fleetwood's stylistic flair or some continued levelheadedness that has kept it going this long?

Maybe it's just the tunes.

But Fleetwood Mac's highly acclaimed 1977 album, Rumours, owes its raging success, even to this day, as much to the troubled interpersonal dealings of the band's members as it does to the immense likability of the 11 tracks contained within.

See also: Mick Fleetwood on His Photography: "Doing It for Myself and Doing It for Fun"

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Ten Films to Look For in 2015

In Clouds of Sils Maria, Kristen Stewart delivers the performance of her career.

By Calum Marsh

As the year in moviegoing draws to a close -- and as critics busy themselves drawing up lists and handing out awards -- it seems time at last to look ahead. Here are the 10 films to get excited about over the year to come.

1. Jauja (Dir. Lisandro Alonso)

Revered Argentine filmmaker Lisandro Alonso returns after 2008's exquisite Liverpool with Jauja, his most astonishing film yet. While no less oblique than its predecessors, Jauja finds Alonso working for the first time with an international star: Viggo Mortensen, an intriguing wrinkle in Alonso's minimalist approach. Mortensen plays a Danish general adrift in the badlands of 19th-century Patagonia, and his wearying travails form the bulk of the action. A cryptic and formidable work, to be sure, but an altogether mesmerizing one.

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