Mike & Molly's Billy Gardell on Fatherhood, the Steelers, and Acting Versus Stand-up

Categories: Comedy


You likely know Billy Gardell as the Mike to Melissa McCarthy's Molly on the aptly titled CBS sitcom Mike & Molly. The very successful show is returning for its fifth season on December 8.

But before Gardell found fame on the small screen, he paid his dues traveling the country performing stand-up. Comedy is a passion which continues to fuel Gardell as he's just written and soon performing a new hour of material. He'll be taking his act to the Palm Beach Improv on December 30.

On a break from shooting Mike & Molly, Gardell phoned the New Times to discuss the differences between acting and stand-up, who inspired him to chase down a comedy career, and to talk a little football.

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Ariana Grande Is Adorable in This Elementary School Yearbook Photo

Photo by Sayre Berman

As we watch Ariana Grande -- the miniature lady with the highest ponytail in pop since Madonna's Blond Ambition tour -- bellow into the mic on national television, like daily, we often wonder, "Did the bite-sized Boca babe actually swallow Mariah Carey?" It would explain why the American public is so hypnotized by her great big wails and also why her muffled lyrics are basically impossible to decipher.

Ariana's here to stay. And the real proof of that is, she got a real diss from The Divine Miss M when Bette Midler herself told the Telegraph she was "ridiculous" and has a "silly high voice."

They've already made up on Twitter. That is stardom at its most millennial.

Anyway. Now that you know who we're talking about, and you're up to speed on her latest drama. Please take a peek at Ariana Grande's 5th grade elementary school photo we scored from a former classmate from North Broward Preparatory School.

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Infected Mushroom Advises You "Wear Your Diapers" to Culture Room on Saturday

Categories: Q&A

Alex Markow
Infected Mushroom a year ago at Revolution Live.

In 1996, Amit Duvdevani and Erez Eisen met in Haifa, Israel, where their mutual love for creating psychedelic trance music had them join forces to form Infected Mushroom. Nearly two decades and eight full length albums later -- including those with the conversation starting titles Converting Vegetarians and Vicious Delicious -- and the duo is still going strong.

Now based in Los Angeles, Infected Mushroom is taking its never ending tour and a live band to Culture Room on November 29. New Times exchanged some late night correspondences with the two to learn how they first met, the inspirations they find on the road, and why you might want to bring a diaper when attending the show.

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The Filthy Casuals Musically Are Venturing Into a Funky "Unknown"

Categories: Q&A


The Filthy Casuals play an amalgam of styles rooted in rock and blues that display elements of funk, alternative, jazz, and grunge. This young outfit is a product of its building blocks and with many of the quintet's members stinting in local hip-hop groups, there's also an airy digital-ness to their compositions.

Is it new music like they claim? You be the judge. One thing is certain, this young band is different. Where others could get too far gone into jam territory, specially with backgrounds like theirs, the Filthy Casuals keep it copacetic and concentrate on delivering tracks that play up to their individual strengths.

We had a chance to catch up with the band following the release of its single "My Dreams Never Change" and ahead of next week's drop, "Mexico," to discuss their beginnings, youthful bravado and where they plan on taking the band next.

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Art Scavenger Hunt Returns to Fort Lauderdale November 29

Categories: Arts & Culture

Steve Sticht
Every November for the last 14 years, Steve Sticht has gathered together a big sack of goodies that even Santa and his elves would envy. But these aren't Christmas gifts, wrapped in pretty paper and placed neatly under the tree.

To get ahold of these treasures, you have to find them first.

The Art Scavenger Hunt is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Sticht gathers and then scatters dozens of pieces of original -- but yet unsigned (you'll find out why later) -- artworks created by himself and other local artists.

It all started after Sticht created a few pieces, and well, just kind of put them somewhere.

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Upper Room Art Gallery Elevates Life's Discards on Las Olas

Don Parchment

The Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk isn't exactly known as a mecca for high art. "It just goes to this weird lowest common denominator," says artist Robin Merrill. "Really beautiful, intrinsically valuable work has never had a great history on Las Olas."

But with the Upper Room Art Gallery & Mission Gifts Fair Trade Store, Merrill is hoping to change that. The space, tucked into the riverfront near Art Bar, is adding bona fide culture to the tourist-heavy strip, with pieces of work from halfway around the world that sell for $1,000 and more.

But the Upper Room, Merrill says, isn't about making money. "[The artists] are all represented by existing galleries. But commercial galleries weren't really allowing us to speak spiritually."

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Creed Singer Scott Stapp's Wife Tried to Forcibly Place Him in Rehab (Update)

Monica McGivern

There is a certain type of celebrity the world wants, yearns for, even.

It's the type of person who does everything wrong.

This person starts fights with other celebrities, burns bridges, uses copious levels of narcotic drugs, possesses a laughable sort of vanity, and lives a public life filled with contradiction. Some make their madness into a successful business -- like Charlie Sheen or any number of European royals throughout history. For others, such nonsense repeatedly results in all-out cries of oh-how-the-mighty-have-fallen: Scott Stapp, the Creed (or sometimes ex-Creed) baritone turned solo artist is just such a man.

In the past decade or so, the now-Boca-based singer has gone from working on an RIAA diamond-certified album to allegedly heading a crystal-meth-fueled conspiracy theory rager across America.

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3BallMTY on Breaking Into the DJ Scene: "People Weren't Used to Mexican Music Without Guitars"


What do you get when you combine three chamacos from Monterrey with a love for EDM and their Mexican patria?

DJ crew 3BallMTY.

Pronounced Tribal Monterrey, Erick Rincon, Sergio Lavala (Sheeqo Beat), and Alberto Presenda (DJ Otto) have been breaking beats since 2009.

And now, the "Latino electronica" trio is embarking on the Honda Civic Tour and heading to West Palm Beach for a dance sesh at El Palacio Mexicano on Friday, December 5.

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Apakalypse Releases 48 Track Album, En Sabah Nur - The Lofi Master

Categories: Album Release

Apakalypse's Facebook page

South Florida rapper, Apakalypse has been one of the busier gents of the local hip-hop scene. Just this fall season he's released two full-length efforts, Future From the Past and Earth's Special Forces. Either he's been on an incredible creative kick or he simply has nothing better to do, but now he's dropped the ambitious, 48 track, somewhat conceptual album En Sabah Nur - The Lofi Master.

With a palette informed by comics and skateboarding/kung-fu culture, steeped deep in some righteous kush, Apakalypse's rhymes run the gamut of self-deprecation, spirituality, and the conceptualization of mankind as superman -- equal parts Nietzchean philosophy and Stan Lee imaginative. In the canon of Marvel Comics, the mutant villain Apocalypse has been ret-conned as En Sabah Nur, the "first one" and is hinted to be the first mutant in the X-Man ethos.

Ret-conning himself into alignment with this mentality, as eternal creator, Apak has produced a cognizant album that works on the merit of its building blocks and as a straight, uninterrupted listen.

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Lolipop Records Showcased Its Talent at Vintage Tap in Delray Beach

Categories: Concert Review

Courtesy of Unit 1

Last night, Vintage Tap on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach hosted its own microcosm of the alternative rock world hosted by local music rag PureHoney Magazine.

Four bands, hailing from Oregon, California, New York, and Fort Lauderdale, took the stage to deliver their own brands of '90s style at the small bar to a rather adoring crowd. The eclectic mix of rock subgenres the Lolipop Records' bands brought to the table was refreshing.

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